"Nicole (now "Ellie Mae")"

Nicole, now renamed "Ellie Mae," was one of a litter of 7 pups that was rescued from a Missouri shelter. Ellie Mae joins her new family in Tallahassee, Florida. She loves her big brother, Blue, who is teaching her lots of things including some good manners. J Blue and Ellie Mae love going for long walks and insist on smelling all the same spots. Ellie Mae especially loves the water and she is also a great cuddler!

7 September 2005


Ellie Mae has grown so much but she is still our little baby girl. We love her so much and her and our other coonhound Blue are best buddies. She now has a backyard to smell around in and chase bugs and frogs. She also loves going on car rides and sticking her head out the window. Just wanted to send you these updated pictures and let you know that she is doing GREAT!!

page last updated on 9 June 2006