Kallie is doing great. She doesn't always come when we call her, she's usually way too interested in the kitty or cow she's trying to play with. Despite our constant attempts to keep her off the couches, we began to realize how much of a couch potato/cuddler she was and we couldn't bear to see how sad she was when she couldn't sit with us, so that rule quickly went out the window. She absolutely loves our cats, she thinks they are her playmates and she's always pouncing around trying to get their attention. They, on the other hand, don't share this affection. They growl at her and attempt to swat at her nose and this just excites Kallie more. It's really cute to watch because she's definitely taken over the role of very big little sister. One of her bad habits we keep trying to break her of is chasing the stray cats when she's outside. She never goes too far, usually stopping when they leave the immediate yard or when she trees them which makes her oh so proud of herself. She ventures all over the house now always wanting to know what is going on in the kitchen. And she's definitely starting to pick up on the whole dinner scraps concept. Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and she wasn't phased a bit, although she's figured out that our fat cat likes to lay under it and watch her so she's started the habit of looking underneath every time she passes by. Boy does she get excited when he's there, too. I'm hoping we won't have any indoor cat treeing events this month! She's even gotten better about company coming over. At first she would run into the back of her kennel and hide out, but now she just lays on the couch and tries to avoid contact. It seems to help her relax when our friends approach her and pet her first, although she still won't budge from mine or Cody's side. She seems to be adapting just great, although she's always trying to find a friend to play with. It's quite scary when she approaches each cow and pounces until one of them responds and then gleefully sprints off as they try to charge after her. It's definitely apparent that she loves life on the farm. Kallie sends her kisses.

Jennifer and Cody

Page last updated on 26 November 2007