"Noreen (now "ZuZu Bailey")"

Noreen, now renamed "ZuZu Bailey," was one of a litter of 7 pups that was rescued from a Missouri shelter. She shares her new home in California with her best lab buddy and has adjusted very well.

5 September 2005


When "Noreen" arrived from Missouri to our home we renamed her "ZuZu Bailey" after one of the characters in the Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and what a wonderful life she has! She has free range of our beach cottage and the large enclosed yard with her 3 year old Lab buddy, Oakley. Together they play and romp and entertain us. They are often visited by my son's french bull dog, Casey. The 3 of them are quite a comical group-very different in looks but very compatible in demeanor! What fun they have together!

ZuZu is such a sweet dog! She likes nothing better than to curl up next to me on the couch while I am reading and have her tummy rubbed. If I stop she gently taps me with her paw to let me know that she'd like me to continue.

One of her favorite games is "find the treat"! I'll hide a goody for her and she loves to use that nose to sniff it out. ZuZu loves other dogs and enjoys running at full speed at a nearby enclosed dog park, too.

As you can tell ZuZu has stolen my heart! I'm so thankful that she has joined our family. Thank you ABTC for rescuing her and affording my family and ZuZu Bailey the opportunity to have "this wonderful life" together!

Thanks again!
Camille Johnson
Brooke Johnson

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