Meg is fabulous and as beautiful as ever. She has gained a little weight lately, so my sweet husband has started calling her "Fatsy Cline". She still is very verbal- she makes sure we hear all the news when we get home. She grabs us by the shirt and drags us to the kitchen at meal times. She is not a shy girl! She sleeps with us and is very protective of her place in the bed. She will occasionally share her space with our small girl coonie, Ebbie. She still accompanies us to the bathroom and wants her ears cleaned. Yes, she is just a little spoiled. She is a very bright spot in our lives.

The first photo is of Meggie hanging out on the porch watching for possible intruders or maybe a very brave squirrel. In the second photo, Meggie is standing to the left of our big Bob Marley that wandered onto our farm a couple of years ago and never left.


Page last updated on 29 September 2009