We just wanted to write and let you know how well Cooper is doing! We had a big Christmas and even had pictures taken with Santa. Cooper and Cayman's grandparents brought them over buckets of treats from the local dog bakery. They are so spoiled! Cooper is getting adjusted to the daily routine and continues to play very well with Cayman. They enjoy their daily walks and rides in the car. He especially seems to like our hikes through the nature trails.

Allan and Catherine Trotter

23 January 2008

Opus is doing awesome. Cayman, our lab, and Opus have been playing very well together. They chased each other for at least an hour this morning. He does have a bit of food aggression and is trying to guard the food bin. He slept great in his crate last night. He never made a peep. There have been no accidents in the house and he got the hang of the doggie door within a few minutes. He uses it all of the time now. As you can see he is already making himself at home! He is so affectionate. He curls up in our laps on the couch or even on the recliner!

Catherine and Allan

21 November 2007