Oscar is doing great. Santa brought him some long lasting chew bones ... that took 2 minutes and some tennis balls. He decided that he liked the chew bones best and took his stocking and Bella's stockings off the buffet and helped himself. He knows what he likes and wants and he helps out by getting things all by himself. He and Bella, our puppy, had a great time in Alabama with my brother's 2 mastiffs. They all wore each other out! There wasn't enough room on the main couch for everyone, but they sure tried!

Thanks again for all your hard work. Let us know when you need some help!

The Schaad Family

30 December 2009

Oscar has been with us a year now and he is doing great, with the occasional mishaps. He was not to be trusted with the Christmas present under the tree. We left him to lay on the couch while we went shopping and he helped himself to the 2 presents under the tree...back to the crate. He left most ornaments alone, just a few were tasty. He was very happy that Santa brought him a little something too.

He loves riding in the car, he wants to ride all the time. He gets very upset when the school picks up the boys in the morning. He barks, bays and lunges at it. He now has to sit and be still when they pull away. I guess he is upset that they are taking his boys away. He is doing better staying in our yard when the boys are outside, but the new neighbor has OVER 18 cats and Oscar just loves to go to her yard, I wonder why? He especially likes to chase her cats out of his yard. We like that, too.

He has recently decided he likes peanut butter...2 containers later. We now have to remember to put the peanut butter back in the pantry. We even have to remember to close and hear the click of the pantry door or Oscar goes into the pantry and grazes on whatever he can find. At least his dog food is kept in a trash can with a locking lid! He is still really sweet and tolerates a lot from us. Thank you so much for letting us have him. He is our couch potato, but he does his job of protecting us from strangers. Have a great day and thank you so much for all that you have done for Oscar and all the other coonhounds. They are blessed to have wonderful foster homes!


24 January 2009







We just love Oscar. Here are some more pictures of him. He has a pear shape going that we are now working on...less food and less counter surfing! Thanks for all that you do for these great hounds! I wish we had lots of land so I could call you and ask for 5 more coons!


13 November 2008

He is doing great! He is so sweet. He is off all his medication and he seems to be doing fine, no problems. We took Oscar to the river and he didn't want to get in. He might have web feet, but he doesn't want to use them. He ran around the bank and did lots of sniffing. We are not ready to take him canoeing yet. He still hogs the bed. He enjoys his naps and his walks. And we all love him!


15 August 2008

Oscar is doing GREAT!!! He has graduated out of his crate. He can be trusted in the house alone without doing damage. Okay, he does minor damage. He gets bored and likes to look for things around the house to nibble on... paper. He loves to help you make the beds. He jumps on the beds as each layer goes on. He is ever so helpful. He also did great in Alabama at my parent's house. He enjoyed the pond and just laying in the sun. He really liked my mother's nice white chairs! I am glad they are slip covered. Enjoy the pictures!

Thank you for all your help and support for Oscar, he is a wonderful boy!

30 April 2008

Here are some more pictures of Oscar. He is so sweet, but he is very curious and VERY SMART! He can open the toaster oven and pull out the tray...had to be for the sweet rolls inside. He can also open the microwave...had to be for the 2 dozen sugar cookies. His crate is zip tied every 1.5 inches and we use 3 zip ties on the front door so he cannot get out! He is a master at escape when it comes to his crate. I have only left him 2 times out of the crate for 2 hours and then 1. He did really good the first time and then then next he got into trouble. So, we have decided to crate him whenever we leave. He took the casserole off the stove last week too. But he didn't eat it, I think it was too hot. We love him. He LOVES to sleep on soft things...cushions, unmade beds, beds, couches. He is so sweet with the boys. Jacob is sick and Oscar has been laying next to him on the couch. Thank you far all you have done for Oscar and helping him to adjust. He is a great boy and he is enjoying his routine!


17 February 2008

Oscar is adjusting very well! He enjoys the dog park and sleeping with the boys and even in our bed UNDER the covers. He is so sweet. Oscar and Holly are having a good time together.


6 February 2008