Now 110 lbs and still as lovable as ever, Jasper enjoys romping with his friends and not a hint of aggression.

Thank you,
Rita and Frank Meaden

5 August 2007

Just to let you know how Othello, renamed "Jasper", is doing. He has settled in really well and its as if he had been here forever. You would be very proud of him he is whining to get out when he wants to go bathroom. He has learned to climb up and down our deck stairs. The vet was really pleased with him when he examined him today and gave him the boosters and told us we were lucky we had a great dog. We of course already knew that! He has had a lot of fun with our grandchildren but Chloe had been a bit on the cool side (A bit of sibling rivalry). Today, we found Chloe and Othello curled up together; they were about half an hour like that and we got this picture. Our daughter's dog, a 7 yr old yellow lab has been wonderful with him. She has lots of patience and plays with him until she is exhausted He weighs 24 lbs now. We are having lots of fun with him and he is a joy to have around.

Rita and Frank

25 August 2006