Everything is going ok here, we are glad warmer weather is here, too. We put Emma out to play in the sunshine for a while and she showed us that she is part backhoe. She has dug many holes in the yard and even one to get out! She still likes to dig, even if we leave her for less than 20 minutes. We are trying to find something that might keep her busy outside, but she still likes digging much better than anything else. If we are outside with her she stays in the yard fine and plays catch and fetch until we are all worn out. I can't believe how much energy she has! When I got my parrots, I was warned that in the wild they have to scream to be heard up to a mile away, but no one told me the same thing about coonhounds! She has a VERY loud voice when she wants to. We also found out she loves bubbles. We are doing speech therapy with our 2 year old and we are working on the "B" sound so we are playing with bubbles. Now Emma comes running when she hears the word bubbles, it is the funniest thing. Our 5 year old is so proud of his dog. He is very helpful when taking care of her and playing with her. Emma is great with the baby, too. She is now 3 months old and we haven't had any jealousy from Emma yet. She is not greatly protective, but she will come find me when the baby is crying and she lays her head in my lap while I am nursing the baby. We are definitely happy about the warmer weather and looking forward to getting Emma to more doggie classes this summer and fall. We are looking for some that will work with our family schedule. She is definitely part of our family and we are glad to have her!

Dwayne, MaryLou, Lane, Luke, Copenhagen and Emma Jo

8 May 2009

We are all doing great and loving having Emma Jo as part of our family. We all are learning together and my boys are really enjoying her. Luke likes to have her near him when he is watching TV and Lane often falls asleep with her and they cuddle like a couple of puppies on the couch. They are so cute. We took our first long road trip to my family's house that is about 4 hours south of here. Emma was a great traveler as she slept almost the whole way and was a perfect lady when I had to open the doors to get the kids out of the car seats. She simply waited her turn to get out. When we got to my parent's house, she made herself at home on the couch and my little brother, who has mental delays, who loves any dog, just immediately took to her and she let him lay all over her the whole week we were there.. He keeps asking when she is going to come back.

Emma is looking forward to the new year after her Christmas with us. It was a white Christmas which she loved! She loves the snow! I have a hard time getting her in from outside most of the time. She loves to run and wrestle with Copenhagen, our other dog, out in the back yard. When she is done playing, she is no doubt tired, and I can always tell that she is totally exausted when she sleeps with the tip of her tounge hanging out. I have never seen any other dog sleep like that before, she is one of a kind to us. She was looking forward to Santa comming and loved to lay by the tree. Santa did finally come and he left her a dino bone and some new stuffed toys. She was in heaven with the bone and chewed almost all Christmas day.

Thank you for letting her be part of our family. She is always making us laugh and learn.

Dwayne, MaryLou, Lane, Luke, Copenhagen and Emma Jo

1 January 2009

We were so happy to pick "Paige" (who is now Emma Jo) up from the airport on Sept. 11! I think that she was just as happy. I wasn't sure what to expect from her after such a long flight, but she was so happy to be out of the crate. She was jumping around and licking my husband and I, just like a puppy should. So, she was no worse for the wear after her airborne journey. We made an uneventful 2 hour ride home in the car, and after a few stops to stretch and one to find a collar that fit, we made it home safe and sound. When we introduced her to our older dog, she was jumping all over him and wanting him to play. He didn't know how to take it so he just walked away. It would take him a few weeks to accept her and start to play. After she explored the back yard and did her "duty", we went inside to explore the house. She quickly found the basket of toys we bought for her and picked out her favorite toy (which is no longer in one piece) and started playing with our boys (age 4 and 2). They loved her, but was nervous because she was so playful and in their faces. They weren't used to dogs being like that. She has since learned how to play nicely with the kids, and that they are children, not puppies. After all the playing, she finally tuckered out by my feet while I was on the computer. We love her so much and she is certainly happy here with us. Thank you to Jayne and to Angie, her foster mom, for all the hard work that you do. These certainly are a great breed of dog. I am constantly surprised at how intellegnt she is, she definitely keeps me on my toes and on the floor laughing! Thank you for our beautiful "little" (she is growing so fast) girl! Our vet really enjoys when we come in because she grew up in the south with these dogs and she doesn't see too may of them up this way (northern Illinois). Thanks again for adopting her to our family!

Mary, Dwayne, Lane and Luke, also Copenhagen and Emma!

25 October 2008