Dakota is doing well and approaching 10 years old, so we think. Last year, she had a few cysts removed from her eyelid and belly. One was pre-cancerous, so we continue to monitor her, as the vet said they could continue to surface. So far, she has been okay.

I thought this photo was comical, as we don't allow Dakota on the furniture. Being a coonhound, she does what she very well pleases when we are gone, however. If she is not tearing into one of the kids' lunchboxes to snarf a scrap (We have replaced 10 or so since she has been with us!), she is lounging on one of her people's belongings. If there is something as small as one of the kids' socks on the floor, she is lying on it, as if doing so provides her comfort and security.

She has blended in to be a perfect part of our family. We have had her for nearly five years now, and we hope to have her at least that many more.

Thanks again for all that you do for these wonderful animals.

The Raguindin Family

3 May 2010

On our cul-de-sac, there are 17 kids. Dakota loves to be in the middle of the action, roaming around and playing, while keeping a watchful eye on things. When Hoover and Lucy, the Pugs, come out to play, she picks up her pace a bit. She has no idea of her large size in comparison to those little dogs. However, when one of them chooses to turn and chase her, she runs for the hills!

Dakota has also returned to her original ways of sneaking onto the kids' beds or the couches when we're not looking. When she's caught, she practically slithers down like a snake and drops to the ground, as if we would never notice where she had been!

We enjoy her so much, and she has really become the perfect addition to our family. She is partial to none of us, yet she is protective of all of us. My husband likes to rough-house with the kids when he gets home from work. Dakota jumps right in there, but she lets him know when she thinks it's too much. She'll nip at his leg as a warning that it's time to end the game! She does this with her tail wagging all the while.

You have so many beautiful dogs on the site, and I hope they all find good homes with people who love them as much as we love Dakota!

Thanks again to everyone involved in AB&TC Rescue!

The Raguindin Family

12 January 2009

These pictures of Dakota were taken this afternoon. She was out in the yard while the kids played in the pool. She was so excited and continued to run around the yard baying all the while. After a year and a half, she has started "talking" a lot more, especially inside. She talks when we get home from work, as if to tell us that she missed us! She also likes to "talk" when she wants a treat from the pantry. Dakota helped herself to a bag of Easter candy that was left on the counter. These dogs must have stomachs of steel, as she devoured a plastic container full of SOUR jellybeans and three packages of marshmallow "Peeps." The bag of bubble gum eggs was very slobbery, but hadn't been opened just yet.

I took her to my work picnic yesterday, and she was a hit! I had her on the leash, and she laid down right beside me. There were a couple of times that she couldn't help but follow her nose to the nearest food station! Two other dogs, (one a fellow hound--a beagle), tried very hard to get her attention. She whimpered at them, so I thought I'd take her over to say hello. While the two other dogs continued pulling on their leashes and barking, Dakota stood quietly and basically ignored their efforts. She showed impeccable manners!

We love our coonhound! Thanks again.

The Raguindin Family

11 May 2007

Here are a few photos of Dakota napping!

She is such a great dog. Yesterday morning, our 2-year old daughter made an escape from the house and brought Dakota with her. Luckily, our neighbor around the corner was in his front hard and saw them. He said that Dakota walked alongside our daughter the whole time.

My neighbor greeted them and walked them home. He said that as soon as they got back to our house, Dakota started barking at him, with her hair standing up all along her back! I haven't seen this protective side, and wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. She wasn't aggressive, just making lots of noise and letting us know there was someone she hadn't met standing near our driveway!

Also, we have a new black and tan in town. "J.R. Ewing" was adopted by my ex-husband who lives just a mile away. He arrived from Dallas last weekend. Now my oldest son has two coonies, one at each house! I'll send a photo of J.R. and Dakota when they have the chance to meet.

Thanks again for all that you do.
Kelly Raguindin and Family

1 July 2006

Dakota is doing so well! We have had her eight months now, and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. No more counter surfing, no more escaping out the front door, just lots of love and affection! She likes to lie on the floor next to the couch when she's not out basking in the sun. When it's time for bed, she goes straight to her pillow, where she snores like a man for most of the night!

Tonight, she met two Coonhound Rescue friends, Presley and Ellie Mae (shown with Dakota in the photo left to right). They all seemed to lose their manners when we let them off leash at the baseball park. Dakota actually interrupted a game in order to visit with the third base coach and those sitting in the dugout. All three of them made a beeline away from us and refused to return until they were good and ready--like true hounds!

9 May 2006

Dakota (AKA Patty Paige) joined our family on September 22, 2005. We drove nearly six hours to meet her foster mom and dad, and what a worthwhile trip it was. What a lovely girl she is! We had been contemplating getting a dog, once our two youngest children were out of the "baby" stage. A coworker of mine had adopted two coonhounds here, and she just couldn't give the breed enough praise. I also heard about some of their less desirable traits, yet, I knew this would be a great breed for our family. After perusing this site for many months, I noticed a dog that was being fostered in California. After several phone calls and e-mails to her foster mom, Melanie, I knew this was the dog for us! Although Dakota has been with us for nearly two weeks, she seems to have been here forever. She has settled in beautifully with my husband and me and our three young children. Now that we have moved her bed into the living room, she recognizes that the couch really belongs to the humans. She is great on the leash, loves riding in the front seat (even when our 9-year old is already sitting there), and enjoys all the petting and attention she can get. We have caught her counter-surfing a couple of times, and she is learning the command, "Out," when snooping around the kitchen and dining areas. We did get her microchipped over the weekend, just in case she slips out of her collar. She has made a couple of brief escapes out the front door, just to check out her new neighbors on the cul-de-sac and then return home. We love her soft expressive eyes, beautiful houndy face, unique baying voice and even her snoring!

Thank you to Jayne, Melanie and all of the other volunteers who do such a great service to these wonderful dogs!

The Raguindin Family

21 November 2005