Just wanted to drop a line on our adoption almost 2 years ago of Peaches ("Jayne") and Halona. What joy they have brought us. They are 2 fabulous companions and we love them forever. Halona or as we refer to her as Princess Halona, because she is a total princess. So gentle and sweet. Never a moments trouble. She is totally a lady supreme and soooo beautiful!! Peaches grew to a very healthy 90 pounds! Not a ounce of fat, just a big goof!! She is such a clown and keeps us laughing all the time. Tons of personality and at the same time very well behaved. She is hysterical. Both girls have gone out with us [one of their favorite places is Home Depot] and always behave and act like little ladies. Everyone loves them and can't believe that they came from a not so good past. Just go to show what love and kindness can do. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have these two girls in our life.

Lee Berryhill

Page last updated on 20 April 2014