Happy Thanksgiving!
I can't believe I've been at "forever" home for two years. I love it here. I am really happy. All of my dad's friends call me "big goofy dog", I think that is a compliment. I love to play with them too. I still chase tennis balls. I prefer them to frisbees. When dad sits on my couch to watch TV, I lay on his bed. That's only fair. Just wanted to say I was thinking of you this Thanksgiving since I have so much to be thankful for. I wish all "coonies" could find a home at least as good as mine.

Peggy Sue and Guy Richardson

3 December 2008

I got Peggy Sue in January of 2007. What a joy she has been! I have raised and shown B&T Coonhounds for many yrs. My last one died of liver cancer last Memorial Day. I changed her name to Peggy Sue since that sounds more like a down South coonhound. Peggy Sue adjusted to her "forever" home in about two weeks. I've never had a Type "A" coonie before and is Peggy Sue a goer!. She chases tennis balls for hours. Her tongue hangs out like Gene Simmons, but after a drink and a moment's rest, she's off again. If I could work on batting practice, I'd have her try out for the Yankees. What a joy she is.

Thank you for Peggy Sue and all the work you do.
Guy Richardson
Pensacola, FL

13 May 2007