Hope all is well. Kailana and I are doing very well. She is loving every moment of her adored life. Her nose has become very important to her in the past few months. I knew this from the beginning but her scent sense has definitely become her priority sense. Whenever we go somewhere new she sniffs the whole place before she can become comfortable. Kailana and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, including a Happy New Year.


6 December 2007

Kailana just had her first birthday last Saturday and loved it. She was spoiled with gifts and we took her to the beach with her friends. I thought the compliments would stop once she grew out of her puppy stage, but everyone loves her natural beauty and personality. More and more people want a coonie because of her. She has become a self-proclaimed spokesdog for the black and tan breed and I think she enjoys it. She goes up to everyone and talks to everyone hoping they might one day want to adopt a coonie.

Kailana also wants to say Happy Birthday to her brothers and sisters.


4 August 2007

It has been a long time since we have posted any photos or information of Kailana. Kailana is doing really well. For about the past two months Kailana has gone crazy for anything that runs up a tree including the lizards. She has learned to tree the squirrels and birds on her own, including the very high pitch barking. I did not teach her any of this. It was all on her own which was pretty interesting to watch. Kailana has turned into a very good detective. She must investigate everything under the sun. We just moved into a new place that has very large windows and Kailana sits at the windows for 4 or 5 hours a day excited for whatever walks on by. Once in a while she will give a very loud coonie bark, but she knows that if your inside we don't bark frantically unless there is a problem. At the end of the summer we are planning on going out to Oregon for a trip. We are trying to figure out the details so Kailana will be able to enjoy the beautiful green state of Oregon. Kailana is sitting at the window right now telling me to say hello and Happy Memorial Day to her family and hopes they are doing well.


29 May 2007

Kailana is growing into her own. A few months ago I was little afraid she would not like the ocean that much. Well that changed recently. I just took her to the beach this afternoon and she chased her friendly seagulls and pelicans into about 3 feet of water. She definately has realized the water is her friend. We have been doing the training and she is picking it up a whole lot faster then any other dog that I have had in the past. Yes, she can be very stubborn when I tell her to lay down, but she knows what I am talking about and what I want her to do. I think its the black and tan mentality. She is becoming better and better off the leash even when there are lots of distractions such as pelicans.

On Thursday we both are going to be traveling up to New Jersey for the Holiday season and hopefully she will be able to experience her first snowfall. She is doing well. A little on the petite side for a coonhound but she doesn’t believe it. Kailana wants to wish her mother and brother and sisters Happy Holidays.

Matt and Kailana

19 December 2006

Kailana is loving everything about living in Florida. Whenever we go to the beach with her friends, Beau and Kai, she is always seeking the seagulls over the water but just can not catch them. She has begun to learn her basic commands and words; sit, down, stay, leave it, outside, ball, Beau and dinner. I think her favorite though is outside and Beau. She is lucky enough to have a full backyard to run around with her big brother, Beau. Later this week Kailana will experience her first Halloween, which I believe will be one of her favorites since she loves anyone that comes to the door.
Finally, Kailana wants to say hi to her brothers and sisters whereever they may be.
Bye from Florida,

20 September 2006

Everything is alright with Kailana. She was very happy to get out of the crate this morning. Ever since then she has been running around, then sleeping, and then running around again. Right now she is sleeping next to me and so far all is well.
Thanks again,

20 September 2006