We have moved from South Carolina to Virginia and Sammy loves his new house. Mostly because with the house comes 1.5 acres of mostly woods that is surrounded by an invisible fence. Sammy loves to tear through the woods. I can't believe how fast he is. He's gotten used to the invisible fence system and knows his boundaries, proving how terribly smart he is. (This lends credence to my theory that he is just playing dumb when I tell him to get out of the kitchen or any other thing he doesn't want to do and he ignores me). It is great to see him so happy. Sammy is the best dog!! He is so lovable and cuddly and fun.

Here are a couple of new pictures--hugging his girl, Erin; Sitting on his new front porch (like Snoopy when he is playing vulture); and his "what's that thing in your hand--is it food?" picture. Thank you for sending Sammy to us!!!

Geri Youngblood

15 August 2008

We love Philip! Erin, my daughter, is calling him "Sammy." Our other dogs were not quite as happy to see him but I things will work out soon. They are 12 and 13 yr old and really just needed to tell him what he could and couldnít do in their house. He is the sweetest dog I have ever seen. You did such a good job with him. He is great on the leash and friendly and potty trained. Thank you so much. I canít believe how adorable he is. I thought he was going to be bigger because he is 26 lbs, but he is all gawky leggy puppy yet. I love him!

Thank you,

28 October 2006