"Picasso (now "Cleitus")"

Cleitus is living the good life in Colorado. He has been doing well with obedience class. The instructor said it's too bad he doesn't have papers because she thinks he'd make a great show dog. I think I'm going to sign him up for an agility class once we're done with the obedience. He's gotten so much braver since I got him! Everyone thinks he's beautiful too........this morning I was walking him before work and a guy pulled over and got out of his car so that he could meet him and ask me what kind of dog he was.
Thanks, Michelle

10 November 2005


We had our first snow of the season last night! It was only a dusting but Cleitus definitely thought twice before stepping onto the white yard this morning. Today we also had our "graduation" from obedience class. Here are pictures of Cleitus with his "diploma." He is always so tired after class!

3 December 2005


We had our first "real" snow storm this week with accumulation of about 6" so Cleitus has been playing in the snow and having a great time. We've also been going to an agility class and he loves it! I can't believe how much more confidence he has now. His favorite obstacles seem to be the A-frame and tunnel.

18 February 2006


Cleitus graduated from agility class last night! We got to run a small course individually off-leash. One of my friends videotaped it so I'll send you a copy when I get it. He was definitely not perfect but we both had a good time and everyone laughed at him. He's so funny! We have to work a lot on staying focused and not smelling all the smells but I think I might be able to show him sometime.

12 March 2006


Summer here is hot and very dry. Cleitus doesn't like the heat so I walk him early in the morning before work and then when the sun is going down in the evening. We've also been doing a lot of hiking and he loves to find a scent and pretend he's hunting something......dragging me down the trail in the process....He continues to gain confidence with new dogs and people, and is apparently "in love" with a husky at the Doggie Daycare I send him to when I go away for a weekend. He also likes Daisy the Basset Hound who lives across the street, and he still plays with the Chihuahuas next door.

I have sent a picture of Cleitus hiking at Mount Margaret, an 8 mile hike we did a couple months ago.....we were all tired when we got back to the car!

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