I wanted to send you an update on the wonderful puppy we got from you is doing. We very often call her the cuddle bug because as much as she wants to play, she wants to cuddle just as much. Zoeie is doing well!!!! Very obedient, very loving, very playful but most of all, very caring to our older dog Sammie. Sammie is a Yellow Lab who loves Zoeie, but at times does lose patience. Sammie just turned 8 years old and Zoeie is about the same size but Zoeie realizes she has a lot to learn from Sammie. Zoeie is a great dog and we would not give her up for the world. She has learned to "speak" and she no realizes when she howles, she definitely gets attention. Zoeie is very protective of the house, although we do wonder how she is going to hear a burglar at night since she unusually is under the blankets with us. No, we don't let her sleep there, we make her get out of bed, but once we are asleep, she thinks everything is fair game. Here are some pictures of Zoeie. Just wanted to keep you updated and let you know she is doing well.

Thank you,
Dan and Amanda

Page last updated on 12 January 2008