Thought I’d send a couple of current pictures for Katie and Chester’s “Happy Endings” page. These two are truly happy dogs. We let them run today and Chester leaves Katie in the dust. It’s so much fun to watch!

All the best,
Eric and Molly Smith

21 November 2009

Thought it was about time to send on a picture. Katie and Chester are doing great! They’re healthy, happy dogs! Chester is quite the “coon” hound. He’s treed several raccoons from the other side of the fence! A jack rabbit got in the fenced area one early morning unbeknownst to us. Eric let Chester and Katie out and in a matter of seconds Chester had it cornered. Of course Eric called Chester immediately and he came. The Jack rabbit found its way out. After that, Chester followed every step the rabbit took before it got out. We’ve decided this boy is definitely from hunting stock. He’s pretty amazing. Katie on the other hand could care less. All she wants to do is play. Never a dull moment around here!

Warm Greetings to you all at AB&TCR.
Eric and Molly Smith

12 October 2009

Hi from the two-year-olds in California! The little one in the photos is Hula Girl, Katie and Chester's foster sister. We fostered her for a week. Chester went into a funk as she was a little too bossy for him, we think. Katie, however, loved Hula Girl! She would just lay down and let Hula play with her head. It was a crack-up to say the least. When Katie and Hula were playing Chester was pouting, really! Then to make matters worse, Hula loved Chester and wanted to sleep with him! What a good sport he was. We are so lucky to have these characters in our lives!

Everyone is happy and healthy, living the good life in sunny California. Thank you all at American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. You do fantastic work for these wonderful dogs.

Eric and Molly Smith

15 August 2008

I thought you might like an update and see how beautiful the one-year-olds are. Katie and Chester are hilarious dogs! Katie is always very willing to please and have a pleasant conversation. She is the thinker. She talks a lot with her paw if you're not listening! Chester likes to argue. "Aw gee, do I have to?" They are very smart and boy, can they bark! They talk a blue streak and LOVE people, other dogs, and their cat Fluffy. Before Chester and Katie came to live with us Fluffy was terrified of dogs and people. Now she is just one of the gang. It's fun to watch them together. I walk the two of them with a split leash. It's kind of like driving horses. Chester is better on the outside. They're good heelers with encouragement. We're working on passing people and other dogs without the two of them losing composure (becoming completely unglued). They are actually doing great! They are still puppies, giant ones. I have to remind people of that and let them know they are barking at them because they want to LOVE them, not hurt them. Hound dogs are very unique!

Katie and Chester send you big slobbery kisses!

Eric and Molly Smith

20 August 2007

I thought you might like to see how wonderful Chester and Katie look and are doing. Chester weighs 27 lbs and Katie weighs 28 lbs. They are crate trained, love to go on walks (or should I say jogs) and love the beach. They are quite funny and such BIG puppies. As I'm sure you know, they are very smart, too. Hope you like the recent pictures. We thought they were pretty darn cute! Thank you again for hooking us up to such wonderful dogs!

Molly and Eric Smith

20 October 2006