Tober and Ember are doing great. I adopted Tober in September of 2006, and adopted Ember in November of 2007. They both are around 1.5 years old and both weight around 55-60lbs. Right from the start Tober and Ember got along great. Tober is a very observant dog, and checks everything out before he commits himself to anything. He is very sweet, loves the couch, and has to sleep under a blanket at night. Both Ember and Tober are great at baying/howling, but when Ember howls she sounds kind of like she smokes. Ember might be one of the nicest dogs ever. She really has never done anything wrong, and loves to just look at and be close to whoever she meets. She loves to run and is very fast. Both Tober and Ember love squirrels and can sniff out anything. The both get compliments wherever they go, and are proud spokesdogs for the Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue,

Ben Karl

24 April 2008

I wanted to send in an update on Tober. He doing great, and he gets complements from everyone he meets. Tober is great dog. He is very well behaved. He has a head turning howl, and on a recent trip to Virginia he howled for almost two days straight at a herd of cows. He met "Eddie" Van Halen, another coonhound from Coonhound Rescue, and he has a bunch of other dog friends that he plays with everyday.

We hope to see updates from Tober's brother and sisters, the Cartoon Classic Coonhounds, to see how they are all doing.

-Ben Karl

13 May 2007

Just wanted to update you on how Popeye, now Tober is doing. He is doing great living down in Charleston, SC. And, he is loving living right off the beach. He has been able to meet a bunch of new friends while taking walks on the beach, and he is slowly becoming a big fan of the water. Like his sister, Penelope, he loves to chase birds in to the ocean and loves running down the beach to meet new people and dogs. Tober is a quick learner and has become great at walking on and off his leash. He is also a very good eater, sleeper, dreamer, and grower. Sometime he thinks he is a good biter but he is working on that. Another thing that Tober has really become good at is his howling. He loves to talk back when you are telling him what to do, and he loves to howl when he is just playing round. Tober also is getting ready for Halloween, although the costume that one of his friends bought for him my not fit any more. I will keep updating on how Tober is doing and also send in some more pictures.

Thanks, Tober is a great dog!

26 October 2006