"Prancer (now "Scooter")"

(One of Noel's Puppies)

Thought I would just give you an update on Scooter (Prancer), he has adjusted very well. He and the "cat" are still getting use to each other, but I think they'll be fine once he loses a lot of the "puppy" attitude. The backyard was fenced in last week, and of course he goes for daily walks for exercise. We have recently discovered that he enjoys "swimming" (we found this out completely by accident). Since we live in Florida we'll be going to the beach this weekend. The weather here is beautiful and he seems to really love his new home. He is a joy to have and he is going to make a wonderful companion. As you can see from the pictures, he now owns the house.

I really appreciate all of the work that you both do for these wonderful dogs.
Scherry Powers,

Page last updated on 3 March 2006