Elvis is doing very well. Truly a gentle soul, if you can get past his exuberance of life. He weighs 86 pounds, so if you donít get out of his way, heíll accidentally (I think) knock you down. Even our other dog stops and moves off the trail when he hears Elvis pounding down the hill. He is very friendly with other dogs and if he is ignored, boy does he howl. He has been a real challenge at times and it took awhile for him to get used to his surroundings, but all in all, he is a great dog. I donít think he has an aggressive bone in his body. We are happy to have such a happy guy in our lives.

Joyce Garcia

24 August 2007

We decided to keep the name Elvis since he answers to it and he's a tad bit overweight (66 pounds!), just like Elvis around 1969. He wasn't very happy about the bath he got, and he's still not sure what the big deal is about lifting his leg in the house, but he and I are working on it. The vet said he was fine. We don't know about the small bumps on the inside of his ears, but I'll keep a close watch and see if regular grooming will make them go away. He's a very lovable dog. Doesn't get on the couch, but loves his cushions on the floor. Rarely barks, but if I'm making a sandwich, he thinks he's supposed to sing for his supper.

Thanks for all your help and information. He gets along with our other dog, doesn't care about the cat and is friendly to the few people he comes in contact with. My husband gets back from a business trip tonight and can't wait to take over the evening walks. He's anxious to bond with the new dog.


19 January 2007