Our family adopted Raccoon Red, one of the Microbrew Puppies, in November of 2006. She is such a sweet girl. We named her Pearl and it fits her perfectly. She has a coonhound, a Chihuahua and a Toy fox Terrier as her playmates. Pearl loves to run and play all day long with her friends. She has 10 acres to explore and she takes full advantage. Pearl loves to lay in the sandbox with our 2 year old daughter and of course she sleeps in the recliner at night. Pearl was a perfect match for our family. She is the sweetest and smartest dog. Our family adores her. In the summer she chases all the rabbits on our property and in the winter she plays in the snow until she gets too cold then she snuggles up on the recliner by the warm fire.

Thank you for the great gift that our daughter named Baby Pearl!!!
Cindy Fite

Page last updated on 3 December 2008