"Raven and Fortune Cookie (now "Holly")"

Here is an update on Raven and Holly. We got Raven in October, 2004 and Holly (formerly "Fortune Cookie") in April of 2005. They are both doing great. Some of there favorite things to do arhunt in the fenced back yard and take naps in the living room. Holly is the one with the white strip on her chest and Raven is the one with the long ears. They are both wonderful friends and a great addition to our family. We are grateful to the rescue for letting us have them. When we got Holly she was scared of every little noise but she has come along way and not much bothers her anymore. Thanks again for the additions to our family

Shelley and Ryan Joch

Page last updated on 11 January 2006


My name is Raven and back on Oct 23, 2004 I took a long car ride with several very nice people and a few other dogs from Ohio to Wisconsin. At the end of that ride was my new mom and Dad. I also have brothers and sisters to play with. I now have a big fenced in back yard to run and smell in with lots of trees to check out. I love to play with my big sister, Zoe (she is a rottie but she looks like me).

Also my sister Echo loves to run with me in the yard and I am teaching her to sniff the ground and track. My big brother, Mr Wizard, lets me pull his ears and play with him, also. Some of the best things are to curl up on the couch with my Mom and Dad and watch tv or listen to Dad play his guitar (I am in the band). Life here has been good. I did just have to go to the vet and have my eye done (entropian repair), but it is much better now and does not bother me any longer. Well, time to go play now. Thanks for finding me a wonderful forever home.

Ryan and I are so happy with Raven she is a wonderfull dog and doing very well. Thanks again for all you do and for letting us have Raven.

October 2004