Just an update on Rocket, now Rocky. He's adorable, curious, loving, and amazingly comfortable in our home after only six weeks. He's a big hit on the college campus, where we live, and absolutely loves when students come by to take him for walks around the pond. On his walks, he could care less about the ducks, often wondering right through a bunch of them. Yet, he lavishes the sight and smell of squirrels or the company of other dogs on campus. He is even polite to those he meets, who initially confuse him with a Doberman (Rocky lost his tail early on, when he showed up at the pound in terrible shape, before he was rescued.) Rocky takes the mistake much better than I. Rocky just completed his first Thanksgiving with us. Imagine a room full of children and adults, much noise and celebration. Rocky lounges in front of the fire, follows the action with eyes only, doesn't budge, even when our two year old granddaughter crawls on top of him and gives him a big bear hug. The pictures are of Rocky on his first visit to our farm. He barely paid attention to a flock of turkeys across the field.

Thank you, rescue folks, for the truly wonderful work you do. Rocky is a blessing!


Page last updated on 25 November 2007