I have sent you 2 pictures of Lulu. I figured I still have to thank you for all the research you did to get me Lulu. She sleeps right next to me every night and likes to crawl under the covers. As you can see by the pictures she is real spoiled. That's my job. I tell my vet that that's what dogs are for. Lulu still sleeps in my lap when I sit in my recliner. I had 5 broken ribs last Christmas. I had to sleep in the recliner for a couple months. She was right in my lap every night. I like to keep you informed about her. You are a real special person to be able to find homes for all these dogs. Thanks for what you do.

David Stasel

6 January 2008

This is a picture of Lulu taken in June;as you can see she grew up to be a beautiful lady. She is very spoiled. I had an accident about 1 month ago and broke 5 ribs. I have had to sleep in my recliner ever since.She sleeps in my lap every night. I have to really be carefull because she wants to play while she's up in my lap. She loves to play ball and Frizbee and Squeaky duck and steal my slippers, shoes, anything I touch; and flaunt them in my face, the whole time smiling. It's hard to tell what comes on first: the refrigerator light or her head in the refrigerator to check for goodies. I really like this dog. The man that bred her must have really been proud of all his dogs to get hunting dogs that hunt really well, can run like the wind, and don't have a mean bone in them.

Thank you very much for what you do with the dogs.
Lulu is my Christmas every day.

Merry Christmas

17 December 2006

Lulu is doing quite well as you can see. She is almost completely over the Demodectic mange. I never let it really get a foothold, and she lost very little hair with it. Her skin smells healthy now and all the telltail signs of mange are hard to see unless one really knows where it used to be. I think all the sickness stunted her growth and she might be a 60 lb dog. The small size might be a blessing. She won't be so deep chested and big that bloat will be such a concern the Vet said. Lulu is the most energetic hound I've ever owned; into absolutely everything. She likes to crawl under the covers and sleep with me at night. She keeps all the grass wore off in the back yard. She plays in water like a labrador. She eats EVERYTHING. She likes to steal socks. She teases the parrot until the noise drives you nuts. The parrot barks and eggs her on and seems to really enjoy the noise.

We both love Lulu to death. Soon we can buy new carpet and fix all the chewed chairs, end tables, hoozier, door frames, countertop, etc. I still think you only get a puppy when you're ready for new stuff! Lulu has been the most expensive puppy I've owned in my life ,but I'm glad I got her!!

27 March 2006

29 October 2005