Just wanted to report in and let you know that Ruby has settled in really well and that both her pups are doing well in NC...so now we have grand-dogs! (no grandchildren...but the pups are a start!) Attached is a picture of my husband with Ruby walking in the woods a couple of weekends ago.

Thanks again, Jayne.

Barb James

1 November 2005


We wanted to send an update on all the girls. Ruby and her girls, Jessie and Boone, were reunited at Christmas. They are all doing great. They have had a lot of fun getting together and playing. The pups are both getting so big. The older they get the more different they look from each other. I think the girls really made Ruby come out of her shell. It was so much fun celebrating Christmas with the whole family! I've attached some pictures of all of the girls. Jessie is in the purple collar, Boone's is green and Ruby's is red. a

Charissa and Stephen James (Jessie's mom and dad)
Josh and Katie Dies (Boone's mom and dad)
Barb and Tom James (Ruby's mom and dad)

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