Merry Christmas!

The Kellogg Family

29 December 2008

Kristi and Daisy in front of a warm fire

Daisy and Desi with their kitty friend, Sylvia

Kristi Yamapoochi, Daisy Duke and Desdamona Mayfield

We got our wonderful puppy, Desi, in June. She is now 11 months old. Since then we have decided to volunteer as foster parents in California for AB&TC Rescue. We have fostered 4 wonderful dogs. It is so rewarding to be able to place these dogs with their forever homes. I must admit to falling in love with each and everyone. When our 10 year old Great Dane passed away at Christmas I couldn't help but ask Jayne if we could adopt Ventura (Kristi). (Thanks Jayne!)

We also seem to have adopted a Bloodhound/Bluetick named Daisy Duke from a local family! Our lives are quite full having 2 girls that are 8 months and 1 that is 11 months. (Don't worry Jayne, we will always have room to foster a dog in need for you!) And thanks to "The Dog Whisperer" for all their sound advice. We walk at least a mile everyday, weather permitting and have been able to work through any food or toy aggressions.

John & Tine Kellogg

13 February 2007

Sacagawea, now Desdamona (Desi), part of the Intrepid Band of Explorers, has made us all so happy. She is living in Volcano, CA. Desi had a rough start with pneumonia before we ever got her. Desi is eating well now and is starting to act like a puppy! She has even learned that if you can't be as fast as a Rat Terrier you can certainly take the shorter route and cut them off. Desi is living with an aging Great Dane, Aldo and a 2 year old Mini Rat Terrier, Taz. She also has 8 cats 6 horses and geese & chickens to keep her very busy. Her crate training is going well but I must admit to bringing her to bed with us in the morning after she's gone potty. Who could say no to those great eyes? Thanks Jayne for all your correspondence and for working so hard on getting our girl well enough to travel to her new home!

John & Tine Kellogg

6 August 2006