Elwood has a new sister, Annabelle.

4 April 2009

Elwood (AKA Elweed, Tick, Sir Belchalot), the artist formerly known as Salt-n-Pepper, is doing great. It took him about a minute to figure out the dog door..... and he's very well behaved inside the house. He's a relaxed happy hound. Rescue dogs have a way of realizing that the new/foster homes that they're in are much better than where they came from, so they appreciate it more and they listen pretty well once they know they're in a good permanent home. He's already been walking with the bassets for a mile every day now. However, I drop off the bassets and take him out for another 3-4 miles.... he's been getting worn out. He's up to about 75 lbs now. Here's Clyde, too, Elwood's buddy.


6 February 2008