We wanted to update you about Sapphire, the beautiful coonhound we adopted in April of 2006.

Sapphire is truly a gem! We loved her name and thought it fit her, so we kept it as her official name, though we often call her Sophie (which also was the name on one of her original tags). She is a sweet and sensitive hound that loves to please. Though she was shy and tentative when she first joined us, her personality slowly emerged...she didn't bark that wonderful bawl for almost two weeks. We joyfully celebrated that bark with a cuddly hug and biscuit. She slowly started to interact with us more and more. Now when she wants attention, she playfully nudges your leg with her head or places her head on your lap. Sapphire is playful with adults and children, as well as with our other dog, Ricky (our 15 year old dog, Lucy, is in doggie heaven now). She has always been wonderful walking on a leash and loves to gracefully trot along with her nose, sniffing the ground. One of the cutest things she has always done is that when we tell her that we're going for a walk, she calmly walks to the mud room and "stand/stays" at attention so we can put her leash on. Whoever taught her that, well, we just wanted to let you know that we really admire how well she follows through. Once in awhile in the park or woods, on leash, we let her tree a squirrel and she just looks so proud and stunning. She also loves to go to the dog beach on Lake Michigan and runs around with all the other dogs. She's very social!

Sapphire is a mellow, easy-going dog that has adjusted to life up north. Her first snowfall was in October. When a storm of large snowflakes came floating to the ground, she jumped up (something she rarely does) to catch them with her mouth; then raced around the yard in excitement. She loves her walks, any day or season. Her bark is the loudest and most distinguished in the neighborhood...everyone loves to hear it and are impressed with her beauty and temperment.

Needless to say, she has a wonderful appetite, with a "sweet tooth" for veggies and fruits...her favorite treat is a whitefish and sweet potato dog biscuit. She loves hanging out with me as I cook in the kitchen, waiting for a crumb to fall...some days I feel like Paula Deen. And if something smells really good, she talks in that soft, houndy voice of hers.

By the way, I know that Sapphire loved couches back in her foster dog days and when she first joined us, made a dash for the nearest couch or bed, but after we bought her her very own comfy, cozy dog bed...well, she was a quick learner and we had no problems encouraging her to stay off the couches and beds. For whatever reason, thunderstorms really scare her. But on those days, she hangs close at our heels or if it's at night, we found that she went into a closet, so now we bring her bed into my closet to shelter her and she calms down.

Sapphire is very healthy and shows no evidence of the heartworm infection she had before we adopted her. Our vet says she is in perfect health. Thank you so much for rescuing her and taking such good care of her. Thanks so much to all the foster parents who helped Sapphire and to American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for bringing her to us.

Monica, Ed, Jessica and Jeff Curran

Page last updated on 15 August 2007