"Saranac Black & Tan" (now "Lila")
One of the Microbrew 6-Pack

What a sweetheart you sent us! We love her. She is so smart and has the greatest personality, and you were right, she loves to cuddle. We changed her name to Lila, after a favorite musician/artist of ours, and she already knows her name! She has had a busy couple of days; meeting and hanging out with her big brother, Miles, and the rest of the pack up at my family's house and traveling to Brenna's parents' house for spaghetti Sunday. We have had a lot of play days, a couple of walks in the woods and lots of naps.

She also had her first visit to the vet yesterday. He said she looks healthy and started her on her distemper and rabies sets. She even fell asleep in his arms for a second or two while he checked her out.

I've attached a few photos of her and all the boys. We can already tell she is going to be the boss of the pack when she grows up. The big black boy is Miles who lives with her at our house and the other four are my parents two and my sisters two.

Thanks again for all your help
Mike and Brenna

Page last updated on 12 December 2006