Just thought I'd quickly give you an update on George. He's a great dog and growing into himself well. He's about 75lbs. He loves treats, which is our big motivator to off leash training. He does pretty well - even a little bit of a show off in class- until a scent grabs him, then we get to work. He loves to go for walks and jogs, meeting new people, and of course being loved. His favorite move is to squeeze between your legs and get a butt rub. He's absolutely wonderful and I can't imagine life without him. Thanks so much for fostering dogs and helping us find the perfect doggie!


17 September 2009

We went to a wedding 2 weeks ago up in the mountains. George got to play with a 5 month old bulldog, and a 1 yr old lab/greyhound mix. He had a blast playing and exploring. He's getting big- 20.2lbs. He has one more round of shots and then we'll start training at Jabula and going to Wag-a-lot one day a week. He's had one private lesson ( well more for us:)) and she said he's very smart and needs to be challenged both mentally and physically- so we have our hands full. He's learning quickly and up to handful of commands. Our ultimate goal is to get him off-leash trained and she thinks its possible. He highly motivated by any kind of treat/ food-haha. He's a handful but so cute and fun. We just love him so much and it's been a great beginning and relationship builder. Thanks so much for doing what you do with the hounds. We have considered getting another one in a year or so.

Thanks again!

18 October 2008

Just wanted to give you an update on the fast-growing pup. He goes by George now and he's growing everyday it seems. 2 weeks ago at the vet he was 14.4lbs but I'm positive he's bigger now. He's full of energy - lots of it in the am and around 9 pm- all other times he's this sweet little puppy. He loves to chew! And we're working on commands and behavior every day- his best are sit and make a potty:)

Thanks so much for taking care of him and allowing us to adopt.
Sean and Shanna

24 September 2008