Simon is doing very well and seems to have gained some weight this summer. His favorite things to do this time of year are swimming in the bay and chasing lizards. Early in the morning he likes to play with Nina and Buddy, chasing them around the yard. Time flies and it is hard to believe that soon he will be with us for two years.

21 November 2007

It is hard to believe a year has passed since Simon came to us. Its been a great year with him and our other dogs love him as well. We were very fortunate to have him and we cannot thank you more for all that you and your family did for caring for him before he came to us.

The weather is still holding out for Simon to go swimming which he enjoys quite a bit as well as chasing, lizards and squirrels up the trees. We had a party for Simon over the weekend and he and the other dogs seemed to enjoy it, as well as the cool weather we have had over the past two weeks.

31 October 2006

We have truly been blessed with receiving such a great animal and friend. He has really come a long way with the two other dogs in our house, learning how to play with them and on March 19, 2006 he went for his first swim with Buddy and Nina. I almost thought he would never go into the water at all. We have taken him to the dog beach at Fort DeSoto where he met other dogs but had no interest in ever swimming. Well, after his first dip into the water he goes into the water whether it is in the bay or the gulf. People tend to stare at him because he barks and attempts to chase the mullet fingers and other small fish. I must say it is funny and it goes along with his playful and goofy personality.

5 April 2006

Here are some photos of Simon's first trip to the Old Southeast neighborhood in St. Petersburg on Tampa Bay. I have taken my dogs there to go swimming since 1969. He seemed to like going there and running along the beach, but didn't go into the water. He did see some para sailors on the beach today and the wind seemed to catch his ears as if he was attempting to go flying. On a lighter note he is doing well and possess a high energy level which keeps the other dogs very active.

27 November 2005