My husband and I adopted Simply Red about 8 months ago, and I wanted to make sure to keep you all informed about Bailey, as promised. First, I have to tell you what an angel he is. He has become such a huge part of our lives, and I am so thankful that he found his way into our home.

He still seems to be very puppy-like and is a very big chewer, but as long as he has chew toys in his bed he seems content. He loves rawhides! He carries them around the house and then puts them back in his bed... we occasionally will find one in the middle of the couch cushions but for the most part he has his own spot for his toys. He loves to "lean" on people and thoroughly will enjoy any "lap" time that he can sneak in. He doesn't realize how big he is!

He has had more compliments from friends than any dog that I've ever had. He's such a love, and is so friendly to our guests and their children. He's easy going and is happy with quiet evenings at home, or large parties. We have guests over frequently, and he is just the friendliest dog. He's such a gentle boy.

Wishing you all well,

1 July 2009

A few pictures from our first week.


23 November 2008