We adopted our old guy 13 years ago. Sammy (fka Luke Skywalker) is still part of our family. We've been blessed to have him for so long. He is still sweet and gentle as ever and seems to enjoy being an only dog after his bluetick sister passed away last year. He still loves long (slow) walks, trips to the bus stop and his food, of course.
The Wassel Family

19 December 2017

Merry Christmas!
The Wassel Family

26 December 2008

I just wanted to update you on Sammy (formerly 'Skywalker'). He is doing great and is such a sweet little dog (only 50lbs). He is almost four years old but still acts like a puppy! Although we did have a scare last summer. He had a bump on his skin that ended up being a malignant mast cell tumor. After a couple of surgeries all is well. He just has a big four inch scar on his right side that he wears as a badge of courage!

Here are some more photos of Sammy (sleeping on the couch, lounging on his patio cushion and looking handsome in the woods) and one of his big sister, Brady, smiling at the camera.

Matt and Rachel

17 May 2008

Sammy is just so handsome that we cannot resist sending in more photos. He has had a wonderful first summer with us. He loves lounging on the back steps in the sun and chasing the rabbits that squeeze under the fence into our back yard. It will be a whole year in November! We've taken many fun field trips to Maine, hiking trips, visits to the state forest, etc. We just love this little guy (only 50 lbs!!!).

Rachel and Matt

14 August 2006

My husband and I just wanted to share Sammy's happy ending with ABTC Rescue. He and his big sister, Brady, fell in love almost immediately. They romp through the forest with us daily, snooze on the couch together, and of course, wrestle almost constantly. Sammy loved the snow this past winter (though he prefers to wear his fleece jacket when it really cold). Despite his hilariously loud bark (which sounds more like a seal than a dog), Sammy has made lots of doggie friends. One of his favorite new pals is a basset named "Harry." Here's a couple of pictures of Sammy and his sis, Brady.

Sammy really is such a joy!! I can understand why the trainers loved him so much—everyone he meets just adores him. Yesterday we took him and Brady to the reservoir and let Sammy swim out to some loons! Although he hates stepping through mud puddles, he loves to swim after ducks and loons. He meets other dogs almost daily on his walks in the town forest (we have miles conservation land with trails behind our home). His favorite new friend is a purebred basset named Harry (he looks just like Brady, but shorter). When Sammy jumps up to pounce on Harry, the basset barrel rolls away. Sammy thinks it’s so hilarious, he does circles in mid-air!

Please let the trainers know that Sammy has maintained his extraordinary manners, and that he is getting tons of love from his new family. He’s filled out a little, but still just a lean little guy compared to 80lb Brady, who has lost 10lbs since gaining a brother to play with. Easter Sunday we are talking him hiking with Brady and his pal, Ginger (a yellow lab) and our 2 nieces and 2 nephews (ages 5 to 13). He’s wonderful with kids. We honestly couldn’t have wished for a sweeter dog!

Rachel and Matt

9 April 2006

Skywalker has been renamed "Sammy." He and Brady, our Bluetick/Bassett girl, have become inseparable. Here is an adorable photo of the two of them snuggled up together after a long day of sniffing in the woods and wrestling in the snow.

Rachel and Matt

7 December 2005