In mid-October 2004, a beautiful Black and Tan was sitting on death row in a municipal shelter. When this amazing girl was found by her rescuers she only weighed 45 pounds and was so weak her legs shook when she walked. Sophie, as she’s now called, was also terrified to walk on tile floors and it was obvious she had spent little, if any, time indoors. In spite of the neglect she had experienced, Sophie never lost her gentle manner and seemed so grateful and happy for any kindness shown her.

As Sophie recovered and gained strength, it became obvious she was too special for her foster mom to let go. Sophie was adopted by her foster family and now has the job of taking care of the other rescued Black & Tans that live with her while waiting for their new forever homes. In April 2005 Sophie visited a 6th grade class that was reading Where the Red Fern Grows. The teacher wanted her students to see what a real coonhound was like. Sophie was a big hit and has already been invited back to visit next year's class.

Sophie has forgotten the hard times she’s been through and eagerly soaks up attention from her humans. She’s currently learning obedience and gaining more confidence. The best part about having Sophie is seeing her run to greet you when you come home as she lifts her lips and gives us one of those wonderful “coonhound grins.” Sophie recently earned her Canine Good Citizenship certification.

Page last updated on 21 October 2005