Mr. Rhett IS the handsome boy. He loves to go out and just sun. I took a few pics of him today doing just that. I don't know how the hounds stand the heat, but they just love being in the sun. Miss Scarlet, in her leather chair, is just a good old hound dog for sure!

As always, thanks for all you guys do.

The Newtons,
Rhett, Scarlet, Stormy, Candace (Rhett's favorite sheltie play buddy)

19 August 2007

Look what sprouted in my garden!
A hound flower!
They're lovely,
but after a day in the sun they smell like a stinky dog!!!

Just wanted to say hello and let you know the spoiled hounds are doing well. The devil dog, Miss Scarlet, has become the nosey neighbor. She perches on her ottoman as soon as the sun comes up and watches the fella across the street (note the crossed front legs!). If he gets on his tractor she goes running through the house barking and howling! God forbid if the bunny or groundhog runs through the yard. Then Mr. Rhett gets involved!

Also caught Rhett in his favorite pose asleep on "his couch". We don't use our living room. We live in our den. If we have the TV too loud, Rhett excuses himself to his couch for a nap. He's such a southern gentleman, you know!

We love reading the happy endings. I look at the dogs up for adoption constantly. Take care and thanks, as always, for all you do for these wonderful dogs!

The Newtons,
Rhett, Scarlet, Stormy, Candace (Rhett's favorite sheltie play buddy)

11 April 2007

We recently purchased a golf cart to travel over our "Ponderosa". Usually Rhett and Scarlet do a hound escort on each side while Bill enjoys "driving Ms. Candace" (our 11 year old sheltie (alpha!!). Just a few days ago Bill invited him into the cart, and as you can see, the rest is history. We also discovered he's quite a ham when it comes to pictures.

Rhett, aka "big boy", is such a love. He is the sweetest boy and listens so well to commands, and "no's", and just about anything you ask him to do. Candace has taught him to play like a sheltie which he does willingly, if Scarlet won't do "hound things" with him. Scarlet tends to be a bit lazy at times, so Rhett has become very close friends with Candace. He's taught her to be a country girl and we can hardly get the two of them in when the sun goes down! They love playing. We believe he was a soccer player in his former life. He can bat the tennis ball from front foot to front foot while trotting along through the yard, or in the house, or wherever the ball happens to be. He's up to about 70 lbs. now, thus the "big boy".

He's also managed to work his way into bed!!! The shelties start out with us and leave when they get warmed up. Rhett starts the evening on "his couch" in the living room. But, in the wee hours of the morning he becomes "stealth hound" and tiptoes up the stairs to our bed. We're light sleepers and always wake up and giggle when he tries to sneak in between us!!

Take care! Kathy, Bill, Rhett, Scarlet, Candace and Stormy

17 April 2006

I have attached 2 new pics of the hound buddies. Rhett is doing very well. He and Scarlet have become great hound buddies. I had to take Scarlet to the vet and Bill said he whined and sat at the window the entire time I was gone. He really looks up to her. You won't believe this, but Rhett is now 57 #'s! He must have hit a big growth spirt after he arrived here. He's much taller than he was, too. We give our dogs the same omega-3 vitamins you do. It's amazing what it does to their coats. We call Rhett the "seal." That's what he feels like! He is so soft. We feed the dogs real early but since we've retired we go back to bed after feeding them....including Rhett. He loves to get in the middle of us and sleep against us. He's such a people person and loves to be in on everything we are doing - inside and outside.

I continue to watch your website. So many have been adopted. That's great! Hope your new year is a great one. It's going to be hard to beat 2005.

1 January 2006

Rhett is doing just great. He's out of the crate at night, but still stays there when we run to the store. He has everyone doing the "nylabone thing"!!! And, he has joined the "greenie crowd" and loves his baby carrot treats. (my dogs get carrots instead of dog biscuits!) At first he thought we were crazy, but when he saw the other dogs scarf them up--he learned quickly that they are great treats.

We have to whisper this, but he's much smarter than his walker coonhound buddy, Scarlet. He wants to please so much that he picks up commands and requests very quickly! We're trying to teach him to use "his inside voice" when he goes to howling. That's easier said than done!!

We're so glad we found your website - and Rhett. And we love our new 2006 calendar too! Thanks to you all for all the good you do for these great dogs!

Bill, Kathy, Rhett, Scarlet, Candace and Stormy (sheltie buds of the hounds)

3 December 2005