Just wanted to give you a update on Bowdee (Sunflower). She has been doing really well, and is pretty well housebroken. She has asked to go out a couple of times now and we haven't had any accidents in the house in a couple of weeks. She sleeps with Megan at night and of course still stays in her kennel during the day. She will even go in there sometimes on her own when it is time for her to go in. She has been teething pretty badly the past week or so and wants to chew on our hands and feet, but we tell her no and give her the appropriate chew toys when she does this. She seems to learn pretty quickly now. Also she is about 33 lbs now, and has really grown taller. Here are a few pictures--mostly from when we first got her, so it doesn't show how much she has really grown. She and Emmett our youngest cat have become friends; she loves to "chew" on him, and he doesn't seem to mind too much.


Page last updated on 4 September 2007