We celebrated Tracker's "adoption day" on 11/17/08. It is hard to believe it's been a whole year. When his friend Baron (our daughter's GSD) visits the play gets rowdy but fun to watch. He had his first vacations up in Wisconsin for Memorial Day and again for Labor Day. He loved the boat rides and splashing in the lake. Tracker is just as good a traveler as his brother Boo. On the way up we stayed at a pet-friendly LaQuinta Suites in Madison. The staff there were so friendly and our boys strolled right through the beautiful lobby and rode the elevator up to our room like they were royalty. He liked Halloween except for the clown hat which was more fun to chew up than to wear.

By the way, we are so pleased to do the iGive program, if everyone who reads this signs up there could be some terrific donations. It doesn't cost the shopper anything, and nearly every store we shop at is participating. Also right now there is a 2 cent donation for every search you do!

We are enjoying our awesome boy so much, thank you all again.

Stan, Sharon, Tracker and Boo

4 December 2008

We are so happy our big boy Tracker graduated from his novice obedience class on March 17, a great way to celebrate St Patrick's Day! He even got a blue first place ribbon. The instructor said he would do well at CGC and we may try it. It is hard to believe we have had him just 4 months. He is an awesome dog and has proven he can be trusted in the house outside his crate even when we are at work. He likes to snuggle on the couch with Dad and his stuffed puppy. He likes to tease the cats and they tease him back. His brother Boo gets a little growly with him at times but in general they are good company for each other and love to take walks & car rides together.

Our first trip to the river was last weekend and we went close to the shore to see the geese. Our other B&T NEVER approved of getting his feet wet or muddy...but Trax suprised us by wading right in up to his chest and gave us a big grin as if to say "Aren't you coming?" We expected a 100 pound wet dog to be a problem riding back home but a few good shakes and he was really OK. We can't wait until vacation at the lake in May and hope to have fun with him in the water.

Thanks again to Jayne, Shelly, Emily, Donna and Greg who made this all possible!

Stan, Sharon, Tracker and Boo

22 March 2008

Superman, renamed Tracker, is doing great! On our first walk after we picked him up, he put his nose down and looked like he was ready for business and I said what a tracker and he looked right back at me just like it was his name, so that's what we are calling him. We just got a big laugh, I was cleaning in the computer room and heard a BIG thud from the living room where Stan was with the 2 dogs. I was ready to yell and wondering what was broken, or who was hurt, but Stan was laughing that the big guy was just rolling around by his crate and knocked it right over and scared himself with the noise! I had to cuddle him and tell him it was alright. He gave Tommy (cat) a great big lick right across the face this morning, and has been good with the other 2 cats, too. He got to ride along for grocery shopping last night and waited in the car like a perfect gentleman. But, when I walked him by the parking lot the smells were just too exciting and he was pulling; he is so strong I will need to get a prong collar. Other than that he is a joy to walk with. My Bandit had to stop, sniff and mark everything, but Tracker will do his business then focus on a good walk. He is a drool monster and is learning I keep wiping his chin. He is also a very messy eater, but not a single accident in the house. I can't thank you all enough for the good training he has had. It is making all of this much easier. Happy Thanksgiving!


21 November 2007