We celebrated the Shelber's 11th birthday in August. We had named her before we ever met her and it seems like yesterday we drove to Shelbyville, Kentucky to meet Shelby and bring her to her forever home.

She hasn’t slowed down much in her 11 years of life. A few bumps and bruises and a missing canine along the way. Ironically, a food allergy that causes ear infections – her favorite thing in life is food – poor girl. But with special hypo-allergenic food and a carrot, green bean or ice cube treat every now and then she doesn’t seem to feel too deprived.

Shelby is the most challenging dog we have ever known. She is reactive, food aggressive, resource guarding and LOUD! Not an unconditional bone in her body. But we love her. She is a beautiful girl and gets many complements when out for walks. Pretty much the whole neighborhood knows when Shelby is out for a walk. She is that loud.

We are grateful for the years we have had with the Shelbers, and we look forward to more. She has her challenges, but we have unlimited patience and unconditional love for her now and always.

Happy Birthday, Shelby!
Here’s to many more!
We love you : )

Lori and Brian

19 December 2017

Lori and Brian

4 December 2016

We are celebrating the 10th birthday of Shelby last week.Shelby, Shelbers, Shell-bear, Splendid Bitch .. she goes by many names. Some we won't mention here. She really has never liked the name Shelby – she responds much better to any other name. But then again, she has never really like her family much either – she behaves much better for strangers (it's all an act). We are merely resources to be used when needed and ignored when not. Nothing unconditional about this dog. She is not cuddly and don't expect a kiss (unless she is hungry and counting on you to feed her). She is our best friend when we cook in the kitchen – ice cubes, beans and carrots are her thing!

She loves her voice and can't get enough of it. Any occasion is perfect for loud, hysterical coonhound brays – meal time, walk time (we have graciously banned ourselves from one block in the neighborhood because of a complaint – only one if you can believe that, every one else loves her – so far, fingers crossed), outside in the yard time, coming down the stairs, going up the stairs, someone at the door, squirrel on the patio. She can be very annoying.

Why have we given a girl like this ten years of love and care? Because she is big and bold and beautiful. Because her conniving Br'er Rabbit ways never fail to amuse us (you can just see those wheels turning in her brain). Because on her walks, when she sees another dog and her head starts spinning in Linda Blair Exorcist fashion along with eyes rolling back in the head and extreme braying, she is still able to calm down for the school kids who know her and come to the fence to pet her. She loves them – would go home with one of them if we let her – would be happy with them as long as she could always get her way ; ) Because she is so good in so many ways. Because she owns a BIG piece of our hearts. Because she is Shelby and we love her – unconditionally.

Happy Birthday, Shelbers, we love you so very much!

Lori and Brian

10 September 2016

Wishing Hounds All Across America a Happy Holiday and Best Ever New Year!
We are missing our best buddy-bud, but we know he is one of those Angels in Heaven who are always near (and dear).

Lori and Brian and Shelby

9 December 2015

We will be celebrating Shelby’s birthday on August 15. Nine years of the defiant Shelbers! She is in great shape for a 9 year-old Black and Tan. She draws much attention when we go for walks because of her beauty – and also because of her enormously loud bay. She has a lot to say and her voice echoes throughout the neighborhood : ) She gets many compliments on what a good looking puppy she is, and when I say that she is almost nine years old people find it hard to believe. If you look real close there are some gray hairs! Well anyway, we love the Shelbers (I’m sure we love her much more than she loves us). She has a comical way of trying to figure out how to get the most and the best for Shelby. Everything is totally conditional for our girl. When Shelby heard that August 15 is Clear the Shelters Day she got very exited. She heard “Clear the Shelbers Day” and she is sure that someone will come to rescue her and take her to a new home where she will be the boss and everyone will do exactly as she wants. Sorry Shelbers, but we love you and want you to be a part of our family forever! We found out that Shelby has food allergies this year after struggling with ear infection after ear infection. A special diet has really helped and it is all under control.

Happy Birthday, Shelbers!
We love you so very much!

P.S. A note about Leon. He is doing well after surviving cancer for 18 months. He is on an oral Chemo drug that we give him daily at home and we take him to the University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital once a month for chest x-rays and blood work. He is a happy boy and as long as he is happy we are happy!

Loving our beautiful and wonderful hounds and loving American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for saving Coonhounds and Bloodhounds Across America!

Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

19 August 2015

We are grateful for these beautiful hounds every single day of the year. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and best ever Happy and Healthy New Year!

Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

20 December 2014

We are celebrating Leon’s eighth birthday!
Happy Birthday to Leon and all the Christmas Elves!

It has been quite a year for Leon. In late February he was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma of the lower jaw. Five days later we were in Columbia, Missouri at the University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital for confirmation and then surgery to remove a portion of Leon’s lower jaw. The surgery was successful and Leon was eating the very next day! He came home three days later, but four rounds of chemotherapy followed. We are happy to report that Leon is doing just great! Once the cancer was removed and the pain was gone, Leon never looked back. He is a survivor!

We now take Leon to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital every three months for a chest x-ray just to make sure there is no further sign of cancer. His second chest x-ray was this week and all is A-OK. After the x-rays, our doctor and technician came out to see us and gave us the good news. Then, they pulled out a birthday hat and put it on Leon and sang Happy Birthday to him. They love him so much there – he is a star – literally! After his surgery in March everyone was taking pictures of him and we now know why – Leon is an ambassador for other dogs that are diagnosed with this same cancer. His picture is used to show families the positive outcome of the surgery and to calm their fears.

Leon had a good birthday outing – a long car ride to Mizzou (Leon loves riding in the car), a good report from his three-month chest x-ray, a birthday serenade and a lunch outing in the park. We love Leon so very much. He is, indeed the most handsomest boy dog in all of the world. Thank you for saving coonhounds and bloodhounds all across America. We are blessed to be able to share our lives with such a wonderful boy as Leon.

Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

28 October 2014

We are celebrating the Birthday of the “Shelbers!
First a shout-out to Sgt. Pepper and all the Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Shelby is a wonderful, dynamic, splendid bitch who has retained her “I want to be the alpha dog” attitude throughout her eight years. We laugh, we cry, she tears us in two. Our emotionally challenged girl is not really one that can go for a leisurely walk (it is too stimulating), she doesn’t like to ride in the car (we have to pick her up and put her in, the car is very scary). Lounging on the couch is more the choice of the Shelbers, and of course raising hell at any person or thing that rocks her world. It doesn’t take much to send Shelby into a frenzy.

All jesting aside – yes, Shelby has been a difficult one since puppy hood, but the most important thing is that we love her dearly and hope that she continues to be a part of our family for many more years. She is wearing a sparkly new collar that Brian made for her as a special birthday present.

P Thank you for letting us share our lives with this big, beautiful girl and thank you for saving Coonhounds and Bloodhounds Across America.

Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

17 August 2014

Superheroes Wonder Shelby and Super Leon rescue Princess Chloe from the scary cemetery.
Later on, Shelby wonders "Does this costume make me look fat?"
Happy Halloween to Everyone!

Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

30 October 2013

We are celebrating Leon's seventh birthday this week!
Of course, Leon wants to send a Happy Birthday out to all the Christmas Elves!
We are so lucky to have this wonderful boy in our lives; it's hard to remember a time when Leon was not a part of our family. For his birthday, Leon gives us a preview of his Halloween Superman costume – we will now call him Super Leon! ; ) After cupcakes and ice cream, he lounges on the couch and watches as the Cardinals take on the Dodgers – Go Cards!!

Thank you, American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for helping us adopt this wonderful guy. We love him so much!
Lori and Brian
Shelby, Leon and Chloe

17 October 2013

Happy Birthday to all of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! We have been celebrating Shelby’s seventh birthday all week and weekend. Homemade Apple Crunch Pupcakes and Peanut Butter-Banana Ice Cream for all! (No – Shelby did NOT share any with Ricci the cat!).

There are no words that can sufficiently express our love for the Shelbers. Each year gets better and better and we love her more and more. There were joys - Shelby no longer needs a muzzle during nail trimming and feeding times have become more mellow with less drama. As we continue to provide a stable, loving and consistent environment for Shelby it helps nurture her trust, understanding and acceptance - on both parts - hers and ours. There were sorrows - Shelby lost a right canine while imitating Linda Blair in The Exorcist while at the front fence – head was spinning and she caught it on the fence. The tooth had to be pulled. She seems to be handling it gracefully.

Shelby has become the most expressive (there is never any doubt about her feelings), and in her own silly way, loving dog ever. Our lives would not be the same without the Shelbers. We love her so much and we send our sincere thanks to Jayne and American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for saving Coonhounds and Bloodhounds all across America and sending us such a special and beautiful girl!

With the deepest respect for all you do,
Lori, Brian and Shelby
(Leon and Chloe, too!)

15 September 2013

We are celebrating Leon's sixth birthday this month. Leon says "Hi" to all his Christmas Elves brothers and sisters, and he hopes everyone is doing well!

There are no sufficient words to express how much we love Leon. We tell him everyday, "Leon, you are the best and most handsome dog in all of the world". Leon is gentle and loving. He is the kind of dog you just want to hug, hug and hug some more. We are so blessed to have Leon as part of our family and we love him more and more every single day.

Chloe loves Leon, too. She helps Leon celebrate with a birthday kiss, and then the two conjure Shelby as Linda Blair in The Exorcist. We know that Shelby can spin her head around just like Linda does in the movie. We have seen it.

Thank you so much for this handsome, wonderful boy. He is a joy! And thank you for saving coonhounds and bloodhounds all across America!

Lori & Brian (Shelby, Leon and Chloe)

25 October 2012

It's a Shelby birthday update! The Shelbers celebrates six years of life this month and sends a shout-out to mom Sgt. Pepper and all her siblings in The Lonely Hearts Club Band. She has really mellowed over the last couple of years. She is a beautiful and elegant lady now, and lets us all know that she should be Queen of the house. We humor her a bit in that.

We have so much enjoyed having Shelby in our family over the last six years. Granted, not all has been easy as she was a somewhat difficult and aggressive youngster – but now we are seeing the rewards of our work with her and for that we are grateful.

Thank you for Saving Coonhounds and Bloodhounds All Across America because without you, we would have never known the Shelbers. We love her so much!

Lori & Brian (Shelby, Leon and Chloe)

15 August 2012

We are celebrating Leon's birthday this weekend. Five wonderful years of life for this very, very special boy. We love him so much!

Leon celebrated with a walk through the neighborhood to the local pet shop with his best friend, Chloe (Shelby stayed home where she is very happy to relax alone on the couch and play Queen Bee with the cats). We bought birthday cookies and then stopped for lunch on the patio of the restaurant next door where everyone wished Leon a very happy birthday and let him know what a handsome boy he is.

Later in the evening everyone celebrated Leon's birthday with yogurt-peanut butter-banana ice cream and peanut butter spider cookies. Leon fell asleep on the couch with a BIG smile on his face!

Leon is such a joy. We love sharing our lives with him so much. We are forever grateful to American Black and Tan Rescue for saving this wonderful, gentle, handsome boy and all the other Black and Tan Coonhounds throughout the country that so deserve happy, forever homes.

Lori, Brian, Shelby, Leon and Chloe

24 October 2011

We are getting ready to celebrate Shelby's fifth birthday. How did the years go by so quickly, it seems like she was just a little puppy!

Anyway, here are some pics of our five-year-old beauty. She is stunning! She attracts many an admiring stare when out and about - that is until something sets her off and her head starts spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist and the loud braying begins. Ahhhhhhh, that is the Shelbers!

Life without Shelby would be so boring! For all her drama, we love her dearly and our household would not be the same without her. She acts so very tough, but melts into a little puddle if she so much as gets a hangnail.

She is Shelby and we love this big, beautiful, sensitive, reactive, loud, resource guarding girl with all our hearts!

Thank you for saving Black and Tan Coonhounds like Shelby all across this country. There is nothing better than sharing life with a Black and Tan Coonhound and we would have it no other way!

Lori, Brian, Shelby, Leon and Chloe

12 August 2011

Happy New Year from Shelby, Leon and Chloe!

Shelby and Leon each celebrated their fourth birthday this year with the addition of little sister, Chloe.

Leon has been the best big brother any sister could want. Very patient with the demands of a youngster. Leon and Chloe spent Christmas in the deep snow and cold of Wisconsin. Both are looking forward to celebrating the New Year in St. Louis.

Shelby was not able to join us all in Wisconsin, preferring to lounge around at home with the sitter where she feels more comfortable. Shelby has made leaps and bounds in her behavior quirks this year and we have voted her "most improved Doggy Dog of 2010!" She still has meltdowns every now and then, so she is not quite ready for travel ­ held us all hostage in the kitchen for 40 minutes last week over breakfast. We have learned to respect her boundaries up to a certain point.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all. The "Another Round of Hounds" calendar is the best and we look forward to enjoying it on our wall all year long.

As always, thank you for the work you do to save American Black and Tan Coonhounds all across America. Without you, we would have missed sharing our lives with these precious hounds, Shelby and Leon. We love them so very much.

Lori, Brian, Shelby, Leon and Chloe

4 January 2011

Shelby and Leon have a new little sister. Introducing Chloe – a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. Chloe is just turning three months old and joined our family three weeks ago. Leon and Chloe just LOVE each other. They constantly play and chase each other and have even been know to curl up in the sun together. This is going to be a happy lifelong relationship for the two of them. We are so happy for Leon to have a little friend who he can play with. He is a terrific big brother. Shelby is unimpressed.
Lori and Brian
Shelby and Leon

17 April 2010

Shelby and Leon are doing great. Just had their third year check-up and vaccines with the vet and all is well.

Leon has grown to be a healthy, handsome and loving boy. He is so good. Loves his treats, rides in the car and walks. The boxer side of him may be a little more pronounced in his looks and personality than his coonhound side, but his sniffer is far superior to Shelby's! He weighs 62 pounds, but often overpowers Shelby during play time in the yard.

Shelby - well what can we say about Shelby - 78 pounds of pure and splendid bitch. There are moments when she can seem pretty normal, sometimes even loving, but food and territory guarding can send her into a whirlwind of frozen stare, barred teeth and guttural growling at a moment's notice. Shelby came home from the vet with a prescription of Composure - a homeopathic "calming" treat. We have learned to enjoy her "happy" times.

Our beautiful hounds have been enjoying a bit of snow here is St. Louis as we all wait for spring!
Lori and Brian
Shelby and Leon

24 February 2010

Susanna (Shelby) and Alabaster Snowball (Leon) dress up as Twisted Sister and Leon Redbone to wish a Happy Halloween to American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue! Thank you for finding homes for Black and Tan Coonhounds all around the world!

We love our doggies so very much!
Lori and Brian
Shelby and Leon

1 November 2009

Happy Birthday to all of Sergeant Pepper's children, the Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. Congratulations for entering your third year of life! Shelby wants to especially send her love to her Mom, Sergeant Pepper.

Shelby celebrated her third birthday yesterday, August 15, with a special birthday cookie that she shared begrudgingly with Leon, and special basted bones all around! She is coming in to her own, slowly but surely. Never had such a challenging dog in all of our found dogs along life's road. Challenging, but worth it as we are starting to see a little inkling of love in Shelby's eyes now and then when she looks at us. Bark Buster was of special help in figuring out all of Shelby's peculiarities. Shelby also wants to know how there could be another dog on AB&TC named Shelby, especially such a good looking girl, and right before her birthday!

Leon continues to be a dear and sweet boy. Very happy!

Well, as you can see from the pictures, today the dogs are having after-birthday recovery. Just lounging around and watching baseball as the weather is a bit hot and rainy. Too much fun yesterday!

AB&TC Rescue -- thank you for all you do in saving Black and Tan Coonhounds all across America, and thank you for being there to help us find Shelby and Leon. We are grateful to share our lives with them every single day.

Lori and Brian
Shelby and Leon

17 August 2009

Leon has a sock/towel fetish. Especially Rams and Cardinals rally towels. So, Leon has had some close calls and it has finally caught up with him. A Rams rally towel that just would not budge. Leon went in for surgery on Friday, January 23. It was a long surgery and they had to remove three feet of intestines. His recovery has been amazing and a week from now he should be back to his regular feeding schedule. Scared the heck out of us. Socks and towels are OFF LIMITS for Leon now. Shelby is still a Twisted Sister, but showing a bit of compassion for Leon in his compromised state. No compassion for us, however ... ; )

Congratulations on the grant from Build-A-Bear Workshop®! Loving American Black and Tan Coon Hounds and American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for all you do! YOU are amazing!

Lori and Brian

8 February 2009

Holiday Letter from Susanna and Alabaster Snowball:

Susanna: Well, they refuse to call me Susanna. They call me by another name - Shelby - where the heck did THAT come from! AND they put these ridiculous things on my head, on my neck ... Make me pose ... FOR WHAT!! A little bit of cheese ... C'mon people.

Leon: I LOVE my name. I LOVE the car. I LOVE to go for walks. I LOVE these darn antlers. I LOVE these people... They are so wonderful. I LOVE my forever home. Santa, I don't need a thing, I am SO happy!! Let's put on those antlers again and play some more!

Lori and Brian

23 December 2008

Happy Second Birthday to all you Christmas Elves! Leon wants to send a special shout out to his brother Kosmo and sister (canąt find her in the Happy Endings although I know she has a page!) possibly living in St. Louis also.

Leon is absolutely the B-E-S-T of the best. Loving, kind and very patient with his temperamental sister. He knows his sits, downs and stays. We are working on recalls, but they prove a bit more difficult for Leon when his master sniffer takes over. He has an incredible sense of smell! He loves to cuddle. He loves car rides. He loves walks. He loves to jump (like an elk!) He LOVES life! Leon has made a very special place for himself in our lives and our hearts.

Leon got a łbig boy˛ collar for his birthday along with a great chew toy for łtough˛ chewers ­ a Goughnut. Goughnuts are terrific. Made in California (not China) and the green coloring turns red when it is time for the toy to be retired. So far we havenąt seen red, which is amazing since every other chew toy introduced to Leon lasts about five minutes! Leon also shared a big doggie cookie with his sister. Cookie didnąt last long!

We love Leon so very, very much and give Thanks to American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue every day that we have to enjoy him. He is truly a treasure! Looking forward to more wonderful years with Leon. He just gets better and better!

Lori and Brian

25 October 2008

Calling all of the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band members! Happy Birthday to y'all!! Please let us know how you are doing! We are celebrating Shelby's second birthday. The celebration began Friday, August 15, as we deemed that her birthday. We celebrated all weekend long!

As you know, Shelby has been very challenging for us. In her short two years we have dealt with possessive aggression over food, toys and territory, submissive peeing and chronic bladder infections. Well, the good news is that she seems to be coming in to her own as she celebrates two years of life.

A year ago we started Shelby on Prozac to calm her possessive aggression behaviors. We tried to wean her off many months ago and failed. After a week at half dose, her aggression flared and so we went back to her regular dose. Four weeks ago we cut her dose to half again and this time it has been smooth sailing! Shelby has become a loving and attentive dog. This weekend we will cut her back to every-other-day dose of Prozac and hope that it will go well. That is what the Mood Collar birthday present is for! ; )

We discovered Shelby had a bladder infection in February of this year. X-rays showed no abnormalities of the bladder. We treated with antibiotics and special food only to have the infection come back again and again! Further examination by our veterinarian showed that Shelby had a misshapen vulva - an "innie" that was also covered by a flap of skin. Our veterinarian believed this might be trapping urine and causing the bladder infections. He recommended a "vulvaplasty". After the vulvaplasty operation, we thought her chronic bladder infections would cease, but unfortunately urine tests continued to show large amounts of crystals. An ultrasound showed nothing unusual. So, we paid a visit to the University of Columbia School of Veterinary Medicine to see if they could help us. Urine tests through them came out somewhat clean, and Shelby is now on regular food again as we are keeping a close eye on her to see if the bladder infection will come back. If it does, then we go back to the University immediately so they can test again and figure out a treatment. So far, she is showing no more visible signs of bladder infection. Keeping our fingers crossed!

As you can see, Shelby had a great birthday. She was a little impatient for her presents, begging Brian "Now, please!". We got her the leopard print mood collar which looks stunning on her! The stone has been blue-green since she put it on - that's good! She also got a new ball which she took right to Brian for some play time. We really love her so much, and now it appears that she is able to love us, too.

Thank You to American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for making this birthday celebration possible. We are in awe when we think about how many other birthday celebrations there are throughout the year, just because of you and all you do.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - let us hear from you! Shelby wants to know how her brothers and sisters are doing. And Sgt. Pepper - thank you for bringing beautiful Shelby into the world!

Lori and Brian
Shelby and Leon

24 August 2008

We are just enjoying the pics of the Happy Endings page so very much. What a wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous group of dogs! So proud to be a part of Black and Tan Rescue with our own two that we wanted to add more pictures to Shelby and Leon’s page.

As you know, Shelby had surgery in March because her vulva was misshaped allowing urine to collect and create bladder infections. We have been monitoring her since the surgery and are still finding crystals in her urine samples. So, we continue to treat with special diet and antibiotics. Shelby had ultrasound last week (you can see her lovely shaved belly in the picture of her and Leon). Luckily, no cancer or bladder stones were found, so our vet is now researching canine bladder specialists. We want to see the very best Doctor and get this thing taken care of for Shelby. Her temperament has improved since we have been treating her. She has become a very loving and attentive (and beautiful – but she knows that) dog.

Leon is just a dear, how can we say more about Leon (well, we could go on and on!). So loving, so wonderful, so handsome. Together they make a great pair and keep us smiling!

Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue is a very special group. Thank you for all you do for Black and Tan Coonies all over. These dogs all deserve the very best of life and because of you they are living it! You all should feel very proud of the work you do.

Lori and Brian

18 June 2008

Happy Birthday to all Christmas Elves! Leon (formerly Alabaster Snowball) is celebrating his first birthday today. We really celebrated yesterday. We are now in Family Dog 4 at the local Humane Society classes sponsored by the St. Louis Dog Training Club. So proud of Shelby (formerly Susanna) and Leon, they are the hound masters of recall. No other dog can match them!

After class the celebration continued with a round of “Happy Birthday to Leon” and Booda bones. Later on, Nylabones (Leon just couldn’t quite stay awake after the Nylabone!)

The hounds’ are getting ready for Halloween with their costumes. Leon the Pirate and Shelby (of course, what else) a witch!

Next doggy celebration for us comes in November as we celebrate a year with Shelby.

We love, Love, LOVE them so very much!!

Lori and Brian

25 October 2007

Calling all Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band members!! We just celebrated Shelby’s first birthday and hope that her brothers and sisters are all doing the same. We designated August 15 as her birthday. It was a hot, hot day here in Missouri, so celebrations took place inside with chew toys. The green tennis ball bone didn’t last long, but the round ring is a winner! Tough toy. Anyway, we will be celebrating Leon’s birthday later on in October as we have designated October 15 for Leon’s birthday. We are celebrating Leon today because this is his six month anniversary with us. Chew hooves for everyone!!

Just had to drop a note and a few pics to let everyone know how Shelby and Leon are doing. We love them so very much. Every day is a gift!

Lori and Brian

4 September 2007

Hello from St. Louis. It's been a while since we posted pictures of Shelby (formerly Susanna from Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) and Leon (formerly Alabaster from the Christmas Elves).

They are a joy!! Total opposites. Shelby is type A+++++ (excitable girl), Leon is very laid back (gentle boy). They balance each other and us!

Leon is such a calm and loving boy with very soft eyes and ears that he likes to wear in a blown back type of fashion. He still likes to chew on wood (we heard his favorite puppy toy was a 2x4). He loves our young cat Ricci and they can be found sleeping together at times. Leon loves the outdoors and really does not bark unless it is called for. He also loves to ride in the car. Just a sweet, sweet boy he is."

Shelby is hot like fire! She has a bit of a aggressive/possessive eating disorder, so we have been hand feeding her. Someday she and Leon will be able to eat dinner together, we are working on that. She is also wearing a D.A.P. Collar to provide calming pheromones. So far she seems a bit more balanced because of it. She gets a new one this weekend. She loves barking at anything (excuse me, it really should be described as a a blow your hair back braaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!). We are working on "good quiet" out in the yard and she has been very responsive. Shelby hates riding in the car, going for walks or anything that she feels she has no control over. She likes to be at home where she can pretend to be the boss. We love her for all of that : )

We have been attending Family Dog classes at the local Humane Society. Both Shelby and Leon graduated from Family Dog 1 after three sessions. Now in Family Dog 2, which is a little more challenging, but both doggy dogs may graduate next class, according to the instructor. We are so very proud of them and love them both with all our hearts.

We’ve probably have had our hands full, but it truly has been a joy. As the photos only show that momentary bit of time captured forever, it’s hard to get the full effect of the continuous joy and amusement these two bring us. What a GREAT dog Leon is - he's perfect - and distracts the Shelbernator when she’s FULL tilt! Thanks for the work you do – these two have found their “forever” home!

Life is happier with an American Black and Tan Coonhound (or two!)

Lori and Brian

17 July 2007

She is doing GREAT. Learning every day. "Smart, smart, smart" is my description. Okay, so we’re a little sleep deprived and she’s a bundle of whoop a$$ sometimes but it’s been GREAT so far. As Lori and I can both attest to, there’s NOTHING like sleeping with a Coonie! We put a new crate in the bedroom as she quickly outgrew the plastic carrier we picked her up in and we didn’t want to leave her in the downstairs crate at night. I think she slept in that crate for maybe part of one night and then I was awoken by her nose after Lori let her out and decided that it was time to let her try sleeping with us.

She does great in both of our crates when necessary although she hates being in one when we’re anywhere in the vicinity. She’s getting closer each week to being house broken and she does try, bless her. She loves being good. doesn’t seem to mind stretching a bit to see what’s what but that’s the smart part, too. She knows what to chew on, has plenty of toys and sometimes will go upstairs to find a favorite she’s been moving from floor to floor. What a smarty!!

We really appreciate all the work you do and we simple LOVE Shelby. Thanks for all your hard work and continued efforts.

Brian and Lori

9 December 2006

She's beautiful!! We named her Shelby, since that is where we first met. She has settled in fine with the other dogs and cats here. Her best friend so far is our 4 month old kitten. We love her so much!! One of Shelby's favorite new toys is a plush raccoon. Took to it immediately. Go figure. Well, this is as close to the real thing that she will see with us since she won't be hunting, but I couldn't help getting it when I saw it.

Thanks for all of your help. The work that you are doing for the Black and Tan Coonhound is awesome!

Brian and Lori

12 November 2006