Layla and Strider have become the center of attention in their obedience classes. They have been approved to start working in the dog therapy group and should be making their first visit this upcoming Saturday. We didn't get much snow this year but they enjoyed every last snow flake. They have become proficient at playing fetch and keep away depending on the command given. Layla can operate any door handle in the house. If Strider wants in a room, he whines until Layla walks over and opens the door for him - and then Layla goes back to whatever she had been doing. When Layla disappears in the house, we can follow her nose track on the laminate flooring throughout the house. They are best friends. We love them both!

Thanks AB&TC Rescue!

3 March 2007

We have Zebulon Pike (now "Strider") hanging out with Sheryl Swoopes (now "Layla"). The pictures are hard to take. They play and play all day and getting them to hold still just doesn't happen. Layla loves having a playmate and they get along very well. Things were a bit hectic at first as both dogs struggled with territorial control issues. Layla wasn't allowed to even look toward the pantry where we have the food stored. We have gotten past all of those issues and both dogs are content to eat at the same time and even out of the same bowl. Strider is extremely intelligent and the kids absolutely love him.

Our biggest surprise is that Strider must have some billy-goat in him. That dog will chew and consume anything. In the first week he went through two telephones, two lamps, the vacuum cleaner cord, a window fan cord (and chewed the plug off of the cord), a TV remote controller, a car key remote controller, a Harry Potter paperback book and two other large, hardback novels. We still don't let him out of our sight when he's in the house.

25 November 2006

We are opening the door and our hearts again and are going to adopt Zebulon Pike. We think he will do well with our 5 month old Layla and are excited about having him join our family.

5 November 2006

It only took 6 months before we had to fill the void left by the passing of our 15 year old coonhound. I have had many types of dogs in my lifetime but a coonhound was the only breed I wanted this time. Layla has been welcomed into our homes and hearts. She is a delight and quite a character. Having a puppy again has been a real experience, especially for the kids who were born when the last coonhound was already 3 years old. At times we think we have adopted a cat. Her curiosity is incredible. She gets into everything but unlike a cat, when told that something is "off limits" she doesn't get into it again. Layla had excellent care before the adoption and it really shows. She is confident, smart and a charmer. Thank you Jayne and Vivian, for making this family whole again!

24 September 2006