Just thought we would drop a quick line to let you know how Sydney is doing up here in Canada. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary together back in November. Hard to believe it has been that long that she has been with us.

We still love her to bits and wouldnít trade her for the world. She has learned to become the best traveler over the last year as we commute between 2 cities all week with work. She has a routine at both places and knows them inside and out. We still havenít set an alarm since her arrival and within 10 minutes every day we get up at 6 to go for a walk. She starts bugging us at 10 that it is bed time and paces until we go.

Sydney has had a bit of adjusting to do in the past few weeks as we became grandparents and sheís just not sure she likes that little thing that keeps coming over for a visit that cries and smells funny. She is starting to learn though that there are boundaries around the baby and she is not allowed to come within them. She is just a little too curious for someone so small. Iím sure in years to come Sydney and Zoey will learn to be great friends and will get into all sorts of trouble.

She still is crated during the day as she gets bored while we are at work and finds her own ways to have fun that we donít think are good. Eating things from the counter and taking things that arenít hers and chewing them apart havenít won her daily freedom. We keep trying every few months and one day we will win I am sure.

Here is a picture for you to see how well she is doing. We come online every week to see the new dogs and maybe some day we will be able to have another one. For now though, we love and cherish our little girl.

Thanks for all you do.
Sue, Greg and Sydney

7 February 2008

Just wanted to send our yearly update and a couple of pictures so you can see how great she is doing. Sydney has been with us now for over 2 years and she's the love of our lives. We couldn't imagine life without her. She's been exceptionally spoiled with having people around a lot. Daddy broke his ankle last Christmas so he was home for 6 weeks and I spent 4 months at home with her for the summer. She sure got used to having mommy home every day and going everywhere with me. As you can see by the pictures she doesn't realize that she's a dog any more. We moved to a new home so I wanted to take the time for her to get used to being in a new city. Our new place is very close to a off leash dog park that goes for miles and miles. It is the best place and she just loves it there. We live right on the water front and although she will go in the water a bit, she would just as soon sit on the deck and watch the ducks go about her. There is a doggie day care right across the street from us but we haven't gone over an checked it out yet, but it sure looks nice and it seems very busy. Sydney still has her routine to a tee. We haven't used an alarm clock for over a year now and within 5 minutes we know when it's 6 am and that it's time for breakfast and that first walk of the day. She's a great dog and hasn't ruined too many things although she did have a big distructo day once in the spring. She ate one of my favorite Elmo's but worst of all ate the remote to daddy's big screen tv....(not the way to win his heart over for sure). I keep trying to tell daddy she wants a sister but he thinks she's happier being an only child. (I somehow think he might be right) Life is good here in Canada and we are a happy family.

Thanks again for letting her come and share our lives.
Sue, Greg and Sydney

29 December 2006

Just wanted to give you an update on Sydney's life up here in Canada. She is the love of our lives. We couldn't imagine life without her.

She finished obedience class and was outstanding. She won a first place ribbon. The first night there she trembled and hid in the corner. I thought for sure this was going to be an almost impossible thing for Syd, but she made great progress and her confidence was building daily.

She loves her walks every day and is very set on routine. Even on Saturdays and Sundays mommy better get out of bed at 5.30 so we can go for the first of 3 walks for the day. We do climb back into bed on the weekends, especially now that the snow is flying. She certainly has become accustomed to the comfy life. She has her own bed (got her a toddler bed) right beside mommy so she can petted and soothed anytime she frightens. She's still a very skittish dog. Trust me if someone broke in it would be us trying to save her instead. She loves the dog park and for the most part loves all the dogs. The shepherds seem to scare her though so we just avoid them.

We are working on defying the "I can't leave food alone" stigma that comes with those lovable coonies. She can stay with those treats on her nose for up to 2 minutes. Now we are going to learn to sit and let that biscuit sit there on top of her nose. However if it comes to peanut butter, I don't think we will win. As you can see, she loves when one of those jars is empty. That's an all day-event and she has learned to stick her whole head in there.

Anyway just want to let you know she's healthy, happy and extremely well loved. Thanks again for a great girl! She's the best dog we have ever had.

Greg and Sue
Ontario, Canada

4 December 2005