Sonny is doing so well; everyone who meets Sonny loves him -- the neighbors, the vet and all the vet's front office, just everyone -- and of course, we do too! Sonny got an A+ report at his check-up & the vet had a long conversation with me about what a wonderful dog he is! He really is a sweetheart -- just one little example is how every time he comes back in from a trip outside, he lingers going through the door so he can get some extra kisses & attention from me. He can be really goofy too -- earning him the name "Funny Sunny" from Reed, our kindergartner.

I have attached a couple photos -- Sonny showing off his new collar with Juliet, and then one of him and Tallulah (our May '10 AB&TC rescue pup) protecting us from the vicious mailman.


28 January 2011

Merry Christmas! Tallulah has been a family member since Memorial Day this past spring, and we have been meaning for quite a while to send you all an update and also give you our thanks for allowing us to make her part of our family!

Tallulah is doing so well -- she really is a wonderful dog, but you already knew that! Her name is often shortened to 'Ola,' as Shelby, our two year-old pronounces her name. She doesn't seem to mind. She and Lance the Mastiff are great friends -- here's a photo of their morning nap today. She is so patient with the kids (but still thinks their stuffed animals are her stuffed animals -- why not?) and is a little sweetheart. She is doing really well with my husband, too, and isn't fearful of his voice or presence like she used to be. We are in the process of having our sunroom updated (the dogs' main hangout) so they have been relocated to the kitchen and both have been on their best behavior. Tallulah is very smart (but you already knew that, too) and has picked up on the fact that Lance doesn't sleep in a crate at night, so why should she? They both sprawl out on the kitchen floor on their pup blankets and cozy in for a long winter's nap each night. Most of the time, she and Lance are either in the kitchen or sunroom or outside playing -- I had been nervous she'd chew in the house when unsupervised, but she hasn't at all. Even at a little more than a year old, she is still very puppy-like in her energy and exuberance, but we haven't had a single accident or chewing incident in the house -- what a good dog!

She does love to play and dig outside, which inspired us to finally subdivide our yard with a section just for pups to play and be pups. Then we all play in the main yard when I am outside to supervise Tallulah's creative landscaping urges. We've even started talking about a third pup addition to the family -- so we hope to be repeat adopters soon!

Thank you for all you doand keep up the wonderful work.

Tallulah and the Will family

26 December 2010