Here are some photos of Fillmore Jones for his Happy Ending page. His name was Timothy and he was a 2006 puppy (his photo is the top right on the home page banner!) I cannot believe he is already 6 years old. He has turned into a wonderful hound. I look back on the puppy years, until he turned 3, and I realize how much he has matured. As you can see, he loves a very very thick bed and will not settle for anything less. He always puts a smile on my face and he is always willing and open to share his opinion on absolutely everything!


29 December 2012

I adopted Timothy almost 2 years ago..!! He is the puppy on the far right of the Coonhound Rescue Home Page. He is now 2 years old! He was renamed Boone.. but that never stuck.. as he is called Fillmore Jones "Boo" for short.

He is an amazing hound. We live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and as long as he keeps a coat on, he stays warm all winter! He goes to work with me all spring, fall, and winter. Summers he hangs in the yard on one of his three beds. He has learned to be great with horses and although he was raised with my cat, he can not seem to learn not the chase him. (We have a regular Boo & Ted Show.) He learned to listen off leash and is able to go on long hikes in the mountains in complete voice and sight control! ( I was not sure this would be possible to achieve,but we have worked very very hard!! and it really paid off) Although he prefers to sleep in bed with me, totally under the covers, he will settle for his own bed,but I mean settle!

I could not be happier. Boo is an amazing companion.

Amy Butowicz

15 September 2008

Attached are some photos of "Boone" to put on the Happy Endings page. He is wonderful... And smart! We just love him!

Thank you again,

20 November 2006