New pictures of Bubba Love Sepe...he's so cute. Weighing in at 56 pounds. Loves the lake, but still gets sick on the way up and back. Does not like the pool but has he's own kiddie pool, so he can cool off from the desert sun. His next favorite place is Petsmart. Our last experience had us in stitches. It took three Petsmart employees to get him out the door, he just did not want to leave. The next place is the dog park. He spends most of his time sniffing but when done plays with his friends. Bubba is doing great!

The Sepes

18 May 2007

Here are some pictures from the first roll of film of Bubba. He is doing great! Saturday he has his last puppy shots and then it's off to the lake. He is a great walker, a little afraid of everything, but we are getting through it. We wake up at 5:45 AM, and we are waking him up every morning, it's pretty funny. I love his hugs when waking up or coming home, he is so affectionate. He and the cats are getting accepting of each other, a little fight between for top dog but all is good.

Deneen Sepe

6 January 2007