Here are a few pictures of Huck in the yard. I had underground fencing put in about 3 weeks ago and he is going just great with it. He loves to run and play. He is doing really good with everything.

Thanks for all you did with him to give him a chance. He just needed a little time and work and LOTS of love and he turned out to be a wonderful dog. I could not love him anymore than I do. He is MY BOY. I hope everyone is as happy as Huck and I with their rescue dog.

Take care,
Kay and Huck

29 May 2007

Huck arrives at Delta Air Cargo
to start his new life in Pennsylvania.

This is my dad giving Huck
a hug the day he arrived. AWWWW!

This is me with my new boy,
Huck, on the day he arrived.

Huck and his new friend, Silly Sam,
at the dog park.

8 February 2007