My husband and I moved to Fairbanks, AK about a year ago and adopted Blue, a 4 year old male Black and Tan Coonhound from the local rescue agency. We fell in love with the breed. My husband has since deployed and I decided that I wanted to get another dog as a companion for Blue. The winters here are long and cold so having another dog in the house for play time is great. We adopted one of the Virginia Blues female puppies. We named her Alyeska. I was worried about the long shipping time, but she showed up clean and happy. She has been an absolute joy! She had no idea what to do about the snow, but it has all since melted and she loves to play outside. Blue and Alyeska get along great despite the 75 lb difference. I sent my husband (in Iraq) pictures and he can't wait to get home to meet her.
This has been a great experience for all of us.

Thank you!
Sharon Mitchell

Page last updated on 12 May 2009