Vance aka Junior celebrated his 2nd anniversary aboard Mt. Tuck last week. He has become a sweet and (almost) mellow fellow. Vance is learning from his peers that it's okay to lounge about on human beds, in lieu of incessant barking up trees. This photo of him tracking down the Easter Bunny was taken on April 5th! No signs anywhere of Spring.

Linda and Don

10 April 2007

On April 2, Vance will celebrate his first anniversary on the hill!!! Vance's Aunts and Uncle are planning his anniversary dinner. In addition to kibble, prime rib will be on the menu. And a hard-boiled egg, his favorite.

Vance pegged in at 86 pounds at the vets last week. The staff referred to Vance as a "chunky monkey." His skinny tail vs. his Uncle Max's stands out. Oh, well , , , he IS fond of his Serta. Once the chipmunks arrive, Vance will exercise!

The Trumbulls

23 March 2006

In 8 weeks, Vance will celebrate his first anniversary aboard the Hound Hilton!! Vance still has "issues" - but I'm confident that Vance will eventually become a lovable, laid-back "Fabio" - along with continued patience from his family. Recently, Pearl the Bluetick has been licking his face and Max, his Black & Tan "Uncle", is doing same. Jenny, the not-so-polite-in-manners-dept. Bloodhound, has permitted Vance to share a chewy-toy with her, a good sign. Vance and his subordinates wish you & yours a lovely Happy Valentines Day.

The Trumbulls

12 February 2006

Vance went from being an unwanted stray in Georgia to living the good life in Maine with his hound buddies, Uncle Max and Pearl. Don and Linda Trumball agreed to foster Vance and he ended up finding his forever home with them. Intelligent but undisciplined, Vance proved to be a challenge in the beginning. Fortunately for Vance, the Trumballs were more than up to the challenge and he's settled in with his new family. Now, if he could only figure out how those chipmunks get away in the rock wall!

1 September 2005