We had a great time at the Children's Hospital Christmas Parade. This was RaeAnn's first big adventure on a bus and in downtown Atlanta! She looked great in her new coat and she seemed to be a big hit with the parade spectators. All in all there were probably about 100 Happy Tails Pet Therapy dogs in attendance and it was a lot of fun!!! You will notice that RaeAnn is exhausted in the pictures on the way back - she konked out on the bus ride home!!


14 December 2008

Just wanted to let you know that Rae Ann passed her Happy Tails Pet Therapy Test today! She is the first ever American Black and Tan Coonhound to be accepted into their group. Gary passed with one of our other dogs named Alley. Gary and I are both so proud of the girls and we look forward to going on visits to the Children's Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and programs for individuals with special needs.

RaeAnn is a super girl and now she can spread her special way with many people! I think she will bring a lot of enjoyment to others!

23 September 2008

Here is a picture of Rae Ann dressed up for Christmas. She was a big help on Saturday as we did a fundraiser for animal rescue! As you imagine, everyone LOVED her!!! She is an awesome dog!!!

Merry Christmas!

17 December 2007

Rae Ann really is a beautiful girl - I realize I am biased, but she really is. She is so happy too!! She loves everyone she meets/dog/cats//people/horses etc. I am so glad you got her and that we were able to adopt her. I try not to have favorites, but, I can't help it with her!!!!

25 November 2006

Just wanted to let you know that Rae Ann is doing great. I am going to bring her to a doggy day care/obedience class. She is so smart she will pick it up quickly.. plus she will love the interaction all day!!!! We brought Rae Ann and Maxwell for a hike to Amicalola Falls two weekends ago and both of them got soooo much attention and compliments. People thought they were both so beautiful and well behaved!! They are both hams so they thought it was great! We walked for about two hours and they were both CRASHED on the way home!!! They loved the hike... they really had a great time!!!

19 March 2006

We adopted Rae Ann in January 2006. We had lost two coonhounds the previous year to liver failure and cancer. We truly love Coonhounds and didn't feel our lives were complete without one.

I saw Rae Ann's picture on the Coonhound Rescue website and I was excited that she was being fostered in Atlanta at a friend of mine's house! When I contacted Coonhound Rescue, I was told that Rae Ann had some pretty serious medical issues. Rae Ann was a product of bad breeding and she had elbow and hip dysplasia. My husband and I were still very interested in meeting Rae Ann, as we have dealt with many health issues in the past and we were sure we could help this girl.

When we went to the foster home there were two beautiful girls that were available for adoption. I think we both knew instantly that Rae Ann was the one for us! She was just a big, sweet, puppy!! We took her home that day and she was immediately a part of our family. She loved our other dogs and they took her in to our pack right away. She is a really good puppy and although she is 80lbs at 9 months, she is very gentle and well behaved. She loves to play and run around the yard, but, she also loves her rest and relaxation time too!

We know that as she gets older she may have some complications with her hips, but, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her happy and healthy. She will soon be starting obedience training class and when she has completed that, we will test her for pet therapy. Her disposition is perfect for helping people.

We love her and we are so thankful to Coonhound Rescue for taking her into their program and helping find her second chance in life. If it weren't for them, she never would have had the opportunity to be a part of our lives.

Thank you,
Kimberly, Gary and Rae Ann Petunia!!!

11 February 2006