Hartley and Hope traveling home from Coon Dog Day in Saluda NC, July 2015

Hartley entered our lives in early 2011 from ABTCR and we could not have been happier. She is such a delightful, easy going girl and a “sure let’s try anything” attitude and over the top loving nature. She has been and continues to be my special girl. Fast forward a few years, Hartley and I lost my husband to a very short bout with cancer. He was the center of our lives. We were lost, sad beyond belief, scared and alone, not really. (We are always surrounded by good family and friends.) We had lost a big part of our pack. I had been watching more senior dogs enter the ABTCR web site and I always felt so sorry for them being alone at mid-life. Just like me and Hartley. So one month after burying my husband, I picked up Va Va Voom (7-8 Years old) following a 4 hour drive to be her new foster. Her current foster was having surgery and needed to relocate VA VA. It was a Tuesday and I completed the application to adopt her on Thursday. I am told that is record time and I am a PROUD Foster Failure. I renamed her Hope to help me survive my deep loss and cope with my grief. It’s been about 11 months since Hope has been part of our family pack and we could not be happier. These spoiled rotten beauties are loved by my parents in the daytime (aka doggie day care) and me at night and on the weekends. I will always be grateful to ABTCR for what they do and the countless hours of giving. My coonies give of themselves unconditionally and openly and ask for very little in return. Except Hope, who demands constant belly rubs. Little price to pay. If you have ever thought about a second hound, go for it. Our lives are so very long and their lives are so very short. If God opens a door, WALK through it, and adopt a coonie today.

Still forever blessed as owner of 2 Black and Tan Coonhounds,

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