"Vespa (now "Sophie")"

Thank you so much "again" for another welcomed addition to our family (we had adopted "Heart" previously). We all love her (Vespa, new name is Sophia or "Sophie") She's already made herself right at home. Heart loves her!! They've been playing since she got to the house.
Vinny Galdo

28 November 2005


I just wanted to update you with some pictures of Sophia and Heart. The "girls" are doing great, they're best buddies. Sophia has been a tremendous influence on Heart. Heart is treating her like one of her puppies, they're inseparable. Sophia is going to puppy class and she's very smart. She's actually showing Heart a few tricks. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt both Heart and Sophia. They have been a welcomed addition to our family. We'll keep you updated on their progress.

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