It's been 4 and a half years since we adopted Lucy. She just keeps getting better with time. She is like a "Cheers" cast member, and when we arrive at the dog park I hear people calling out "LUCY!" before we even make the front gate. She loves letting kids pet her, and traveling with me on all of our grand adventures together. We've moved down to Florida now from the midwest and she loves running the beach and laying the sun in the back yard! She's spoiled rotten, and finally has the life she deserves. She brings joy to so many people, and makes me so happy every single day.

Thank you so much for my sweet girl!

28 May 2011

Her new name is Lucy Belle (and Lucy Loo when the moods strikes me). Lucy has been having fun in her new home -- she was quick to learn the rules and make her way into our hearts. It took Snoopy a little longer to realize his new little sister wasn't so bad -- but they are great together now. Lucy loves to run and play and she loves the dog park. Although she does like to pick on the big dogs. . . that is until they start chasing her instead and then it is right back to my side (which she considers "home base." Too bad the Weimaraner didn't and he peed on both of us!!! :)

I assumed at first that it was just me not being used to a young dog anymore after she arrived and she had SO MUCH energy- or so I thought... so we played A LOT!! But one Saturday morning she came in the living room, licked my face and crawled her entire lanky body into my lap and I realized she just wanted to be a cuddler! She still has her shy moments, but she is slowly realizing that she'll be staying with us now forever -- and it is so great!

We love her! Thanks so much for a wonderful dog! We'll keep sending updates!

Don, Jenn, Snoopy and Lucy Belle

12 January 2007