I wanted to write to let you know that Vin (whom we call Diesel) is doing so good. He and Lexi are best buds and love to play. He loves the yard and so far has respected his boundaries. No more problems at all with the cats. We have to teach Diesel not to dig up the yard but that will come along with time. He is great. He is such a loving baby. We are very pleased with him and have no regrets at all. We love him to pieces.

He was still sleeping in the closet; that is; until he chewed up 2 of my favorite pairs of shoes...lol. So I had to close up the closet. But, not to worry. That "little" baby Diesel and his "little" sister Lexi both sleep right between John and I and all four of us have our own pillow. It is a very, very warm bed; those two keep us toasty warm and love the way they wake up rarin' to go. Diesel is trying to teach Lexus how to sing the way he does. We are both very happy with our choice.

Dianna and John

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